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How the federal workforce changed under the Trump administration

The Trump administration came into office with the expressed intention of shrinking the size of the federal government and its workforce. However, our latest analysis shows that the number of full-time, civilian federal employees increased throughout the former president’s term. Read more for a summary of our analysis highlighting how the federal workforce changed during the Trump administration.

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COVID-19 and the serious threat to vulnerable federal employees

Veterans Health Administration employees are at high risk for COVID-19 not only because of their frequent contact with veterans suspected or confirmed to be infected with the virus, but also because of their age. With more than 14% of VHA medical officers older than 65, federal leaders must figure out how to protect the health and safety of those working to stop the spread.

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A different way of thinking about the size of government

While the U.S. population has continued to increase, the size of the federal workforce has remained relatively stable over the past few decades. By examining the size of government from this perspective, it becomes clear that government efficiency is critical for agencies to effectively deliver services to the American people.

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