Gov21 | The 21st Century Government Innovation Program

Gov21 | The 21st Century Government Innovation Program

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Washington, D.C.
42 total hours | 3 months
Spring cohort: February–April 2023
GS-14 to GS-15
federal employees

For more information, contact: Diana Starkes [email protected]  (202) 292–1014

Gov21 | The 21st Century Government Innovation Program

Every day, leaders in the federal government must make strategic decisions; they need to decide which problems to tackle and in what order, how to monitor progress and whether to make changes, how to engage stakeholders, and how to implement new policies. To pursue their agencies’ mission in an increasingly complex environment, they must operate more efficiently, effectively and innovatively. It is critical for 21st-century government leaders to develop new skills and deepen their understanding of how to navigate within our current federal system.

The 21st Century Government Innovation Program is designed to meet the evolving needs of federal agency leaders by providing them with new tools for effective government; empowering them to make effective, data-driven decisions; and developing new relationships with other government leaders who share a passion for making government work better.

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As the federal government continues to expand telework options and encourages more employees to stay home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to supporting our nation’s civil servants. To help you continue to achieve your agency’s mission and grow your skills, we have converted many of our in-person offerings to virtual training and development. Pending the situation as our program nears, we will adjust the delivery of Gov21 to virtual if in-person events remain inadvisable during each of our sessions. For more information contact Diana Starkes at [email protected].

Update: All three sessions for the spring 2023 cohort will be held in person.