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Careers in cybersecurity: Not just for hackers

Michelle Rosa, president of Young Government Leaders, explores why now is the perfect time for job seekers to find a position in cybersecurity. Rosa also goes into detail about what it means to work in cybersecurity and the many pathways individuals can take to launch a career in the field.

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Renewing the call to public service

Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, recently attended the Aspen Ideas Festival, where he participated in a panel discussion titled “Renewing the Call to Public Service.” Read about the ideas he shared during the session.

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Developing the next generation of cybersecurity leaders

In the United States, the cybersecurity talent deficit is growing at a time when external threats to our digital security are becoming more complex. That’s why the Partnership and Mastercard are teaming up to create the Cybersecurity Talent Initiative, a public-private sector collaboration that aims to develop the next generation of cybersecurity leaders.

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