How we’re updating our newsletter with feedback from our email subscribers
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How we’re updating our newsletter with feedback from our email subscribers

August 22, 2019 | Updated on July 1, 2021

Readers spoke, and we listened. Based on responses to our recent survey asking our e-newsletter audience what they’re interested in reading, we’re adjusting the focus of our Public Service Weekly. We’re going to make sure to include more people-focused stories as well as news articles featuring leadership tips, agency updates from across the country and stories on agency and government performance.

And, while most of the events we promote take place in D.C., we’re making sure to highlight webinar opportunities and livestreams of events for people outside the Capital Beltway to participate in.

Readers may have already seen recent updates to the Public Service Weekly. For example, we’ve featured Sammies stories with our Feds at Work series and encouraged agencies to take over the Partnership’s Instagram. We surveyed current and former federal employees about their thoughts on public service and are continuing to highlight responses in upcoming newsletters.

At the Partnership, we always want to learn more about our audience and their interests, hence the May survey to our e-newsletter subscribers. We asked which aspects of the e-newsletter they enjoy and how we could improve our content.

Below are some results from the 127 subscriber responses we received. Respondents included current and retired federal employees as well as employees at nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, universities and consulting firms:

Why respondents find our newsletter useful:

  • Provides awareness of larger issues and trends.
  • Reaffirms the importance of federal service.
  • Offers a one-stop shop for all things Partnership and supports agency efforts to improve government.
  • Supplies useful reports and professional development opportunities.
  • Remains nonpartisan and keeps federal employees outside the Beltway up to date.

We’ve used the feedback to inform our choices for articles in the Trending News section. And we plan to highlight new reports, resources or professional development opportunities that could be useful to our audience.

When we asked newsletter subscribers what they want to see more of, they told us:

  • People-focused stories highlighting federal employees and Service to America Medals finalists.
  • Information for young professionals interested in pursuing careers in government, and the importance of developing the future federal workforce.
  • Leadership tips.
  • Updates on Partnership goings-on.
  • Government performance information for helping to assess and improve their agencies.
  • News and events for people living outside of D.C.

Be on the lookout for more changes to Public Service Weekly as we find additional ways to incorporate your feedback. Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts with us.