Introducing: We the Partnership
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Introducing: We the Partnership

October 9, 2018 | Updated on October 21, 2020

A new blog by us, for you

Welcome to We the Partnership, our new blog. The Partnership for Public Service is a small nonprofit with a big mission—to make our federal government more effective. This blog will be a way for us to generate and promote innovative ideas that will lead to a better government.

In this space, we will share:

  • Federal success stories so achievements can be replicated across government
  • Ideas to help our government overcome its challenges and become more responsive to the American people
  • Resources to help government, and the leaders behind it, achieve its mission

A few promises

  • We’ll keep it brief
    Your time is valuable. We’ll deliver short, digestible content so you can get the information you need and then go about your day. (We won’t feel bad if you skim.)

  • We’ll keep it useful
    We intend for this blog to be interesting, informative and entertaining. Expect to find recommendations and resources; interviews, stories and opinions; news analysis and more. If you have ideas for future posts, email us at

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That’s it for now. Next post, coming soon.