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It’s time for the Senate to confirm a permanent OPM director. Here’s why.

The Office of Personnel Management enables employees and agencies to work better. However, a lack of permanent leadership for much of the past decade has hampered OPM’s ability to support the 2 million public servants who work in government. In this post, Partnership President and CEO Max Stier urges the full Senate to act quickly on the nomination of Kiran Ahuja to serve as the agency’s new leader.

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Why the transition isn’t over: What’s next for the Biden administration

To mark the first 100 days of President Biden’s administration, the Center for Presidential Transition and the University of Virginia’s Miller Center co-hosted an event, entitled “Why the Transition isn’t Over: A Look at What’s Next for the Biden Administration,” featuring a bipartisan panel of former senior administration officials. The panelists discussed their experiences working on presidential transitions and gave insights into a new administration’s first 100 days.

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The leadership role of the Cabinet secretary and deputy secretary

Cabinet secretaries and deputy secretaries play an important role in advising the president and developing the vision for their departments. The Center for Presidential Transition has refreshed several guides which outline best practices for new secretaries and deputy secretaries to follow when they take office.

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