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How Partnership West embraces diversity, equity and inclusion

Organizations should promote diversity, equity and inclusion, but program managers often struggle to incorporate these principles into their day-to-day work and organizational strategy. Here are three examples that demonstrate how Partnership West has woven diversity, equity and inclusion into its operations, so others can consider how they might emphasize this in their own programs.

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A revealing look at racial diversity in the federal government

While the federal government uses a merit system to ensure fairness in hiring, pay and promotions, federal employees of color still face a biased system. A look at the data shows that people of color hold a smaller percentage of professional or senior-level positions than their percentage of the workforce.

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Government’s lack of diversity in leadership positions

A close look at the demographic data in the federal government’s highest career leadership positions reveals a representation problem: Too few women and minorities have reached those levels of leadership. Discover why that poses a problem for government productivity and how agencies can begin to address the issue.

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