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The most effective strategies for surge hiring

In “Rapid Reinforcements: Strategies for Federal Surge Hiring,” the Partnership examined federal surge hiring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and outlined three strategies that agencies can implement to improve the process. Now, a new template can help hiring teams develop a strategic recruitment plan for surge hiring at their agencies.

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Trust is the foundation for transforming federal HR

Federal human resources have suffered from decades of underinvestment and a lack of attention from senior officials. Our “Transforming Human Resources” report explores why trust is the key ingredient to help agencies overcome these challenges and improve federal HR.

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A new digital dashboard to help HR teams improve federal hiring while increasing transparency

A look at recent federal hiring data shows that hiring managers did not extend job offers to applicants for roughly one-half of the competitive, open-to-the-public federal job announcements in fiscal year 2020. The Hiring Assessment and Selection Outcome Dashboard is a first-of-its-kind tool to share publicly available federal hiring data from USAJOBS to help hiring managers more effectively fill positions in the future.

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