We the Partnership

Finding ways to be resilient during times of adversity

As we close out 2021, lessons learned from federal employees across the country demonstrate how four key areas – learning from others, reflecting on your path, finding your focus and considering your limits – can help us as we each build resilience and prepare for a new year filled with possibility and uncertainty.

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How our 360 assessment helps create better government leaders

The Partnership developed a 360 assessment tool to help leaders better understand how they can improve their leadership skills. As we approach the one-year mark of incorporating the 360 tool into our programming, we reflect on how our assessment can help strengthen government leadership.

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Why internal customer experience helps agencies deliver on their mission

To deliver on mission and operate smoothly, federal agencies require mission-support employees to provide high-quality internal customer experience. The Partnership’s new Mission Support Leadership Program aims to provide these employees with the leadership skills they need to support their colleagues and the government as a whole.

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