Preparing to Lead

Preparing to Lead

Quick Details

26 total hours | 5 months
June – November 2023
GS-7 to GS-11
federal employees

For more information, contact: Ethan Carr [email protected] (202) 495–7189

Preparing to Lead

The Preparing to Lead program is a professional development opportunity for federal employees who are interested in pursuing a career in leadership at their agencies. Participants practice strategies to help them become more effective employees and develop critical leadership skills they will be able to use throughout their careers.

Through the course of this five-month program, participants will:

  • Aspire to continue a career in government service
  • Begin to develop essential leadership attributes
  • Develop a better understanding of self
  • Understand how to build and utilize relationships to more effectively manage responsibilities
  • Think strategically about how to deliver results and contribute to maximum impact on their agency’s mission

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