The Intelligence Community: Meaningful work, great leaders, diverse opportunities and work-life balance
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The Intelligence Community: Meaningful work, great leaders, diverse opportunities and work-life balance

July 28, 2022
Sherry Van Sloun

The Intelligence Community has been near the top of the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings for the past decade, placing fourth in 2021 out of the 17 large agencies rated by the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group. Here’s why IC employees chose the IC, have high engagement and satisfaction, and more importantly, why they stay.

A mission that matters

In a 2021 survey, more than 80% of IC employees agreed or strongly agreed that the work provides a feeling of personal accomplishment. A strong 89% similarly agreed that the work is important and that they know it relates to the agency’s goals and priorities.

These responses speak to one thing: mission. Whatever an individual’s role, from supporting the workforce to briefing the president, employees wake up every day knowing what they do matters. 

Leaders who listen

Over 90% of IC employees indicated that their supervisors treat them with respect and 87% agreed that their supervisors listen to what they have to say. These are leaders who go to bat for employee needs and shield them from unnecessary demands. Whether it’s rewarding strong performance or supporting an employee in a time of need, IC leaders know that valuing their people is critical for cultivating a committed workforce.

A wealth of opportunities

Nearly 80% of the IC staff indicated that they have a real opportunity to improve their skills in their organization and more than 90% said they have the opportunity to work directly with members of other IC agencies or components. This speaks to having a variety of options for internal mobility. There are 18 agencies from which to choose a range of positions, whether focused internally on the IC workforce or externally on global threats. Whether your skills are administrative or STEM-based, trust me, the IC needs you.

Think you’ll miss out on cutting-edge industry opportunities? Guess again. Congress recently mandated the Public-Private Talent Exchange to provide IC personnel opportunities to gain skills and expertise in areas where the private-sector has advanced experience, depth and knowledge needed by the community.

Work hard, with support

An overwhelming 98% of IC respondents agreed that when needed, they would put in the extra effort to get the job done. A total of 91% also confirmed that their supervisors support their need to balance work and other life issues. In other words, the IC has high expectations that employees are clearly willing to meet. In turn, the IC gives back  through policies that value work-life balance. The IC also is expanding options for work locations to include flexible work centers and providing teleworking opportunities for unclassified work.

So, ask yourself

Are you looking for meaningful work, bosses who listen and encourage growth, an abundance of development and career choices, and policies that treat you like a well-rounded professional? Then what are you waiting for? The IC is hiring.

Sherry Van Sloun headshot
Sherry Van Sloun is an assistant director of national intelligence for human capital.

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