Why you should apply to the Excellence in Government Fellows program
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Why you should apply to the Excellence in Government Fellows program

March 22, 2023 | Updated on February 21, 2024
Emily Morton

In photo above: Toni Townes-Whitely, a Partnership board member, speaks at the graduation ceremony for the spring 2022-2023 Excellence in Government Fellows program.

If you’re a forward-thinking and proactive federal employee working at the GS-14 to GS-15 levels, the Excellence in Government Fellows program could be an excellent opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills.

For more than 30 years, the EIG program has been the premier leadership development course for public service leaders and helped federal employees work more effectively to address the government’s biggest challenges and improve the way their agencies work. Graduates of the program gain the expertise to make a positive impact in—and contribute to the overall success of—our federal government.

Recently, the Partnership sat down with Geoff Abbott, a senior faculty member at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s College of Leadership Development and an EIG graduate, discussed the benefits of the EIG program.

An opportunity to unleash your greatest potential

During the session, Abbott provided insight on the benefits of the EIG program.

“Within our agency, we have had about 120 graduates of the EIG program. Not only do they give it very high marks, but their executives also give it high marks. …The coaches are great, the content is terrific, the [evaluation process] is wonderful and hearing the senior speakers is [worthwhile].”

Abbott also described the long-term impact of the program, explaining that his doctoral dissertation was inspired by his time as an EIG fellow.

Andrew Marshall, left, speaks with Geoff Abbott, right, during a LinkedIn Live.

“I went back to school, got my doctorate in business administration, and did my dissertation on improving organizational performance through innovation and empowering the workforce. I got the passion for that topic through the EIG program,” he said.

According to Andrew Marshall, former vice president of the Partnership’s Public Service Leadership Institute, this is one of the many ways the program helps public servants grow as leaders and realize their full potential.

“What we really want people to gain from this program is a deeper sense of their stewardship and how to apply that in service to the public good,” he said.

“People can make more of a difference than they sometimes think, and EIG can help unlock and unleash that potential.”

The Excellence in Government Fellows Program helps federal employees working in various roles strengthen their leadership of organizations and teams.

Learn more about our EIG alums, and submit your application by April 5, 2024. Virtual and in-person options are available.

Emily Morton is a former communications intern.

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