AI Federal Leadership Program

AI Federal Leadership Program

Quick Details

Virtual, Washington, D.C.
18 hours | 6 months
April – September 2024
SES and SES Equivalents
Apply by
March 15, 2024

For more information, contact: Julia Barr
(202) 775–2756

AI Federal Leadership Program

Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve how government works—more so than any other recent technological innovation. From increasing efficiency to finding data insights that enhance the customer experience, AI is an invaluable tool for federal leaders to serve the public and transform their agencies. But to capitalize on these benefits, leaders must understand AI fundamentals and how to use AI effectively.

With support from Microsoft and, we are creating a cohort of senior leaders across government who are prepared to guide their agencies’ AI strategy. This program is designed to:

  • Educate agency decision-makers on the opportunities around AI.
  • Highlight best practices for how to make the case for and develop AI solutions.
  • Prepare leaders to incorporate AI technology into their strategies and equip their workforce.

The Partnership has extensive experience delivering leadership development programs that support federal employees at all levels. This program is offered to select senior executives (SES/Equivalents) at no cost to federal agencies.

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