Leadership Alumni Network

Leadership Alumni Network

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Leadership Alumni Network

The Partnership’s Leadership Alumni Community provides our program graduates with an environment of continuous growth and learning. This network of over 10,000 members is composed of change-agents who pursue excellence in government through ongoing learning and knowledge sharing.

We offer a variety of programs and initiatives for alumni to connect with both each other and other leaders in the federal, private and non-profit sectors. Through networking receptions, discussions with high-level leaders, and conferences and trainings that focus on the most relevant topics and challenges federal employees face today, the Partnership’s network provides alumni with ample development opportunities.

How to Get Involved

To take part in the Partnership’s continuous learning initiatives, alumni can register for the Excellence in Government Fellows Alumni Training Series or the Mission Support Day of Training.

These programs are tailored to specific groups within the community, with the training series offered to EIG graduates and the Mission Support Day of Training offered to business functional graduates. Alumni can also serve as a Cohort Ambassador or an Agency Point of Contact, volunteer on the Leadership Alumni Board, and recognize the outstanding work of their peers by submitting nominations for the Outstanding Alumni Award.

Excellence in Government Fellows Alumni Training Series

Our Alumni Training Series offers a discounted price, affordable coaching on a variety of challenges facing federal leaders today, and a guaranteed spot at three quarterly breakfasts and our annual EIG Alumni Day of Training. All events are hosted by the Partnership and offered exclusively to EIG graduates. 

Mission Support Day of Training

This day-long professional development conference is open to all alumni of our business functional programs. Led by executives and expert coaches, this training will address federal employees’ current workplace challenges and provide participants with relevant leadership practices to tackle them.

Outstanding Alumni Award

Offered annually, the Outstanding Alumni Award is presented to an individual or team who exemplifies public service and contributes to the public good. Its goal is to showcase the mission-critical work of the Partnership’s leadership development program graduates.

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Leadership Alumni Board

The Leadership Alumni Board is made up of volunteers from the various alumni groups and meets via conference call to share information.

The board and the Partnership work together to develop a variety of activities, including networking events, social outings and continuous learning opportunities. The board is also responsible for collecting nominations and selecting recipients of the Leadership Alumni Awards, which are given to alumni who achieve exceptional results for their agencies.


Kala Shah Surprenant


Geoff Abbott


Princess Martin
Sarah Eckert

Agency Points of Contact

The Partnership welcomes any interested alumni to represent their agency by serving as an Agency Point of Contact, or POC. Agency POCs keep alumni in their particular agency connected with and informed of opportunities for networking and continuous learning. They also serve as the liaison between their agency and the Partnership while helping to shape the Partnership’s alumni strategy and engagement offerings.

POCs spend approximately four hours each month on their duties. Responsibilities include:

  • Sending emails to Partnership alumni within your agency, including event announcements and other alumni news.
  • Organizing at least one agencywide function for alumni within your agency each year (e.g., benchmark, panel, networking event).
  • Strategizing with Partnership staff and other alumni community leaders on how to increase alumni engagement and participation.
  • Fielding suggestions from alumni within your agency about future professional development and/or social networking events.
  • Maintaining current contact information for other alumni within your agency.
  • Championing the Partnership’s leadership development programs (e.g., the Excellence in Government Fellows program, Emerging HR Leaders program) to rising leaders within your respective agency.
  • Serving as a point of contact and key resource for promoting the annual Leadership Alumni Awards program within your respective agency
  • Agreeing to have contact information shared with other agency POCs and cohort ambassadors to facilitate more communication and best practice-sharing between groups

Cohort Ambassadors

The Partnership welcomes one to two representatives from each graduating group to serve as Cohort Ambassadors. The Ambassador plays an important role in keeping the members of their cohort engaged within their group and among the broader alumni community.

Ambassadors will spend approximately three hours each month on Cohort Ambassador duties. Responsibilities include:

  • Sending emails to your cohort which include event announcements and other alumni news
  • Organizing at least one reunion for your cohort each year
  • Participating in strategy meetings with Partnership staff and Leadership Alumni Board on how to increase alumni engagement and participation
  • Fielding suggestions from your cohort about future Leadership Alumni professional development and/or social events
  • Maintaining current contact information for your cohort members & share with the Partnership
  • Serving as a point of contact and a key resource for promoting the annual Senior Fellows Award program within your cohort.
  • Agreeing to have contact information shared with other Cohort Ambassadors and Agency POCs to facilitate more communication between groups.


Alumni from the following Partnership programs are considered part of the core Leadership Alumni Network:

“Leadership alumni network improves government because we can share the ideas that are working and change the ones that aren’t.”

-Tina Barham, Agency POC for the Navy Department and Graduate of EIG Spring 2015