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Press Secretary
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Partnership for Public Service Statement on January 2018 Government Shutdown

January 20, 2018


WASHINGTON – Max Stier, president and CEO of the nonpartisan, nonprofit Partnership for Public Service released the following statement regarding the lapse in government funding, which has resulted in a government shutdown:

“The inability of Congress to fulfill its primary responsibility of funding the government is a great disservice to the American people. The shutdown is the result of politics, partisanship and a badly broken budget and appropriations process. And it is the taxpayers who suffer, as they pay for services they do not receive.

“We must break the trend of funding our government for a few months, weeks or days at a time – it erodes the capabilities of our government on everything from national defense to the delivery of social services. Reasonable measures to help address this problem include a biennial budget cycle to forestall the yearly budget battles and allow more time to assess how agencies and programs are actually working.”

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