AI will chip away at 130,000 federal jobs in the next decade

February 28, 2019

Publication Type: Commentary

The adoption of AI technologies over the coming decade is likely to eliminate work, and in some cases entire jobs, currently being done by more than 130,000 federal agency employees in more than 80 occupations.

Shutdown shuts out the next generation of public servants

February 5, 2019

Publication Type: Commentary

Publication Topic: Federal workforce,Inspire and Hire Mission-Critical Talent

Publication Tags: Management,Office of Personnel Management

The longest government shutdown in our nation’s history and the threat of a reoccurrence in less than two weeks will further discourage an already skeptical younger generation from public service. Authored by Partnership President and CEO Max Stier and former Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.

We need to end this ugly shutdown. But that’s not enough.

January 10, 2019

Publication Type: Commentary

Funding the federal government in a timely fashion is a fundamental responsibility of our elected officials, a commitment that is now being violated for about the 20th time since 1976 and taken to the extreme with the deadlock over paying for a border wall.

The civil service is stuck in the mid-20th century

October 10, 2018

Publication Type: Commentary,In the News

Publication Topic: Build Networks of Support,Develop Strong Leaders,Inspire and Hire Mission-Critical Talent,Modernize Management Systems

News of scientific marvels come daily: the prospect of tourists in space, cars that drive themselves, watches as medical devices, drones informing emergency response and more. The future is here and it is resulting in rapid change in almost every aspect of American life. 

Closing the federal cyber workforce gap

September 24, 2018

Publication Type: Commentary

Publication Topic: Develop Strong Leaders,Engage Employees,Inspire and Hire Mission-Critical Talent,Modernize Management Systems

The exodus of about 20 top FBI cybersecurity leaders in the past five years is a troubling development given the serious threats faced by our election systems, financial networks, the electric power grid, and the vast trove of sensitive data held by federal agencies. 

Partnership for Public Service Letter of Support for Veterans First Act

May 12, 2016

Publication Type: Commentary

Publication Topic: Modernize Management Systems

The Veterans First Act (S.2921) is an important step towards improving leadership and employee engagement at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and much of the legislation shows great potential to address systemic management challenges at VA.