Government for the People: Profiles on the customer experience
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Government for the People: Profiles on the customer experience

October 7, 2019

In collaboration with Accenture Federal Services, we released “Government for the People: Profiles on the Customer Experience” — a first-of-its kind report compiling customer experience data, feedback and insights from across eight of the federal government’s high-impact services. Among the services profiled are federal student aid, passport services and health care for veterans

With continuous improvements in the private sector setting high expectations about what constitutes good service, the public consistently rates the services provided by federal agencies poorly, placing them far behind other sectors and industries. Poor experiences with these services lead to an overall lack of trust in the federal government and, according to the Pew Research Center, that trust remains near historic lows.However, our report finds that the common perception of the federal government as a poor provider of customer service does not tell the whole story. Several of the government’s most-used services are highly rated, according to agency customer surveys

The new report features in-depth customer experience profiles that highlight what is working well, where improvements are needed, and the actions that agencies are taking to strengthen the customer experience. It also highlights concrete steps that federal agencies, the Office of Management and Budget and Congress can take to enhance these services.

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