More Than Meets AI
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More Than Meets AI

February 27, 2019

The federal government must be ready for a boom in the use of artificial intelligence. How agencies incorporate AI into their work and manage the potential impact on the workforce has implications beyond the professional lives of federal employees. It affects all Americans and millions more outside our borders.

AI is expected to revolutionize how government works. For one, AI could enable federal employees to focus on core responsibilities related to their agencies’ missions and spend fewer hours on administrative duties. They are likely to have more time to deliver services, interact with customers and perform other mission-related tasks.

Should AI become pervasive in federal agencies, employees will need to enhance their digital and data literacy and learn how best to use the technology to work with citizens effectively.

In “More Than Meets AI: Assessing the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Work of Government,” the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government explore the impact AI is likely to have on federal work and the federal workforce. This white paper follows the January 2018 release of “The Future Has Begun: Using Artificial Intelligence to Transform Government,” which presented case studies of agencies using AI.

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