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Our wide-ranging research on topics related to government effectiveness and impact helps us develop forward-thinking solutions that change the way government works. We have generated hundreds of research reports on government reform issues, and we continue to delve into the most important challenges confronting how our government operates. Our data-driven thought leadership offers sound analysis and actionable recommendations on the current challenges facing the federal workforce and government structures.

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Building the Case for Talent Development

The federal government must invest in its workforce if it is to address modern challenges. The Partnership and Cornerstone OnDemand developed these 5 tips to help agencies prepare a case to leadership for the benefits of talent development.

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A Roadmap to the Future: Toward a More Connected Federal Government

The federal landscape is expected to change dramatically in the next decade as the power and capacity of technology advance, more data becomes available and the demands on federal employees grow and shift. With the U.S. population projected to expand by more than 20 million people in the next 10 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, government must evolve to keep up.

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Risk and Reward: A Framework for Federal Innovation

From curing diseases to helping launch the internet, the federal government has a history of innovation that has improved the lives of Americans and advanced societal interests. Despite this legacy, outdated systems, rules and processes hinder innovation at a time when government must grapple with a wide array of critical and complex 21st-century challenges.

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Government for the People: Profiles on the customer experience

This report features in-depth customer experience profiles that highlight what is working well, where improvements are needed, and the actions that agencies are taking to strengthen the customer experience. It also highlights concrete steps that federal agencies, the Office of Management and Budget and Congress can take to enhance these services.

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California’s Talent Gap: Recruiting and Hiring a New Generation of Federal Employees

This issue brief provides an overview of federal entry-level talent needs in California, discusses recruiting and hiring challenges and offers strategies agencies can use to get quality talent in the door.

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Looking Inward for Talent: Retraining Employees for Tomorrow’s Jobs

In “Looking Inward for Talent: Retraining Employees for Tomorrow’s Jobs,” the Partnership for Public Service and General Assembly make the case for why agencies should consider reskilling and upskilling and present a blueprint to help agencies make workforce retraining an integral part of their talent management strategy.

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Colleagues as Customers: How Mission-Support Services Can Improve the Customer Experience

The Partnership for Public Service and Medallia identify three key strategies for mission-support service providers to use to improve the internal customer experience.

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More than Meets AI II: Building Trust, Managing Risk

In “More Than Meets AI Part II,” the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government offer insights for federal agencies to help them incorporate AI into their organization’s operations responsibly and transparently.

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Seize the Data: Using Evidence to Transform How Federal Agencies Do Business

The report’s findings and recommendations can help your agency think through how to incorporate data when making decisions.

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Beyond the Beltway: How Federal Leaders Can Engage Employees Working Across the Nation

In “Beyond the Beltway: How Federal Leaders Can Engage Employees Working Across the Nation,” the Partnership for Public Service and Boston Consulting Group explore what federal leaders can do to engage employees working away from headquarters.

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More Than Meets AI

In this white paper the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government explore the impact AI is likely to have on federal work and the federal workforce.

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The Buck Stops Here: How federal leaders can reduce improper payments

In a new report, “The Buck Stops Here,” the Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte share strategies to prevent and reduce improper payments within government programs.

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