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Our wide-ranging research helps us develop forward-thinking solutions that change the way government works. We have generated hundreds of research reports on government reform issues, and we continue to provide data-driven thought leadership and actionable recommendations on the current challenges facing the federal workforce and government operations.

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Leading with Experience: A Framework for Customer-Focused Leadership in Government

The Partnership for Public Service and Maximus Federal address how individual leaders can improve the federal customer experience and recommends government-wide actions agencies can take to create a culture of customer-focused leadership.

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Meeting the Moment: Tips for Building Bold Strategic Plans and Turning Them into Results

This report presents the findings from workshops and supplemental interviews conducted by the Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton Public Sector to learn more about federal strategic planning teams. It highlights practical steps strategic planners can take to create plans and provides tips for turning those plans into results.

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Unconfirmed: Why reducing the number of senate-confirmed positions can make government more effective

Using appointments data from the Political Appointee Tracker compiled by the Partnership for Public Service and The Washington Post along with expert analysis, this report highlights key trends in filling Senate-confirmed positions and in the nomination and confirmation process.

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15 Editions of Best Places to Work

Our anniversary report, produced in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, reflects on both the opportunities and requirements for the next era of federal employee engagement.

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Transforming Human Resources: A Guide to Delivering the HR Services that Government Needs

Human resources services play a critical, yet often underestimated, role in helping agencies achieve their goals. In this issue brief, the Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte Consulting examine how effective human resources services contribute to government’s success and offer several recommendations to help leaders transform federal HR.

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Fed Figures: COVID-19 and the Federal Workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a once-in-a-generation challenge for the federal government and its 2 million employees, creating urgent new missions and fundamentally altering how government engages the public. This analysis sheds light on the current characteristics of our nation’s federal civilian workforce—many of whom are on the front lines in the fight against the coronavirus. 

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Bright Spots: Federal Success Stories from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amid a global pandemic, federal agencies have continued to deliver critical services to the American public. For a deeper look at how our government has forged innovative solutions to address the COVID-19 crisis, read our “bright spots” case studies.

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Behind the Scenes: How Government Mission-Support Services Can Use a Customer Lens to Meet Big Challenges

This issue-brief demonstrates how mission-support offices have created—and can create—more customer-focused services that better enable government to solve big challenges.

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Resilient: Keeping Your Wits—Workforce, Innovation, Technology, Security—About You

More so than any crisis in a generation, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a resilient government. The Partnership for Public Service– working with the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council and MeriTalk, and with support from corporate partners– surveyed 300 federal leaders about their lessons learned over the course of the pandemic. This report encapsulates our findings and provides detailed recommendations for future operations, service delivery and policymaking.



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State of Renewal: The Department of State Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

The State Department advances the country’s diplomatic, national security and economic interests by leading America’s foreign policy, fostering relationships with international leaders, providing overseas assistance, advocating the values of American democracy around the globe, and delivering a broad range of services to U.S. citizens traveling and living abroad. The Partnership for Public Service examined the department’s internal challenges, identified strategies for overcoming them and outlined opportunities to accelerate efforts already underway.

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A Nudge in the Right Direction: How Understanding Human Behavior Can Lead to More Effective Government

The Partnership for Public Service and Grant Thornton hosted five workshops with federal employees between March and Sept. 2020. to examine how behavioral insights can improve agency processes, programs and performance, and make government more effective.

The sessions examined how behavioral insights can improve agency processes, programs performance, and make government more effective. This report provides tips provides tips for choosing a behavioral insights project and getting leaders to buy in, testing whether a behavioral insights project was successful, and building on the results of a test.

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Bit by Bit: How governments used technology to move the mission forward during COVID-19

Technology has enabled government to perform previously in-person functions remotely, expand how it offers existing services to the public and address COVID-19 pandemic in new ways. In this report, the Partnership for Public Service and Microsoft examine the lessons that federal, state and local governments have learned as a result of the pandemic.

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