Samantha Karlin

Samantha Karlin

Senior Facilitator

Samantha Karlin trains government leaders to be more resilient, communicate effectively, lead teams with compassion and integrity, and manage change.

Samantha is a Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy alum who once served at the US embassy in Bosnia, upon which she thought she was destined to be a diplomat – years later, she’s realized her path is in emboldening government leaders to lead with emotional intelligence, integrity, and courage.

Samantha has taught a feminist leadership course, The Women’s Leadership Challenge, for the last three years, where she has coached and trained women leaders to step into their power, lead authentically with feminist values, and foster social change. Many of those women have hailed from leadership roles at various government agencies. She is proud to continue supporting public servants.

Samantha is a lifelong fan of Madeline Albright, the first female Secretary of State and author of the book “Fascism.” She has two favorite memories of Secretary Albright – one when she spoke about frequently listening to right-wing radio in the car and being the crazy lady yelling at the radio. The other was accompanying her on a tour of Sarajevo in 2015. It was the first time she had been back to Bosnia in twenty years since she helped negotiate the ceasefire and the Dayton accords there, ending what was at the time the bloodiest war in Europe since WW2.