A new look for the Partnership for Public Service
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A new look for the Partnership for Public Service

July 29, 2021

This September marks the Partnership’s 20th anniversary. For the past two decades, we have promoted public service, advocated for critically needed system reforms, and supported federal leaders and institutions as they responded to critical challenges. But the Partnership’s work has only just begun.

As we look toward our future, we are proud to announce today the launch of a new logo, mission and tagline that will enable us to accelerate and deepen our impact. This new messaging and visual identity will modernize the Partnership’s brand, clarify our purpose and impact, and help us engage more individuals and organizations in building a better government.

Our mission: “Building a better government and a stronger democracy”

Our tagline: “Better government. Stronger democracy.”

New Partnership logo conveys our impact

While honoring our old branding, our new logo and mission build on our work and impact to date. The updated logo and mission convey that our organization actively seeks forward-looking solutions to government’s biggest challenges, empowers the federal workforce to better serve the public good, brings together diverse perspectives and stakeholders to work toward shared goals, and remains fundamentally hopeful and optimistic about our country’s future.

Above all, we wanted our updated brand to be inspirational. Whether we’re educating the public about government, working directly with federal employees or thinking through a new project with a donor, we remain ever dedicated to our mission to build a better government and a stronger democracy.  

Partnership impact

For 20 years, we have helped transform the way government works. We hold federal agencies accountable for building healthy and productive workplaces through our annual Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings and collaborate with presidential candidates, their teams and political appointees to facilitate smooth transfers of power at our Center for Presidential Transition.

Our fellowship and internship programs help government fill critical talent gaps and our leadership development courses provide federal employees with the skills they need to advance their careers and drive change at their agencies. We also work with Congress on key aspects of federal management reform and reignite public faith in government and the power of public service through our renowned Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals® program.   

Collectively, this work—and much more—has provided our nation’s most important democratic institution with the tools it needs to more effectively serve the public and solve pressing national challenges both now and in the future.

Visit our newly launched impact page to read more about the Partnership’s work.

Continuing our mission to build a better government

Today’s stark realities demand that we reform our government to meet the challenges of the moment and those to come. This is not about big government versus small government, but about an effective government.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we are excited to drive this mission forward and continue our work to build a better government and a stronger democracy.

If you have used the Partnership logo in any of your materials, please assist us in updating them. Contact us for more details, or to share any feedback!

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