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The 2013 Service to America Medals revealed the devastating effects of a government shutdown

As the government shutdown continues for a third week, we reflect on the 2013 Service to America Medals awards gala, which took place three days into that year’s government shutdown. That night as we we recognized our government’s most outstanding employees, many of whom were furloughed as they received their awards, it was a powerful reminder of just how important the federal workforce is and how damaging shutdowns can be.

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What the election results could mean for federal employees

With control of the House of Representatives shifting to the Democrats, there will be significant changes to the way Congress approaches the civil service. While there is a lot we do not yet know, the election likely affected two big issues: government reorganization and workforce policy. Here’s how.

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One lesson from the 2018 Sammies winners

Collaboration was a common theme among the 2018 Service to America Medals winners. Margaret Moeser from the Justice Department and Karen Dodge from the Federal Trade Commission teamed up to stop criminals from using Western Union’s money-transfer services to defraud consumers.

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