Coming soon: The Public Service Leadership Institute
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Coming soon: The Public Service Leadership Institute

June 1, 2022

Our federal government is the most important public institution to our democracy, capable of sustaining and protecting us over the course of generations. When crisis strikes—be that a pandemic, economic turmoil, a natural disaster or war—we look to government to provide decisive action that serves our short-term needs and produces long-term outcomes.

But government will not fully meet our needs if it does not have the right people working on our behalf: public service leaders of integrity.

Yet today’s public service leaders lack a place to go where they can rally behind a single leadership standard, develop essential leadership skills together and recommit to their constitutional oath. The federal government needs what the best organizations across sectors possess—a consistent standard for leadership and a way to meet it.

That is why the Partnership for Public Service is creating the Public Service Leadership Institute, the preeminent source for public service leadership perspectives, programs and policies.

The institute brings together our many efforts to strengthen public service leadership, bolstering our more than a decade’s worth of expertise in developing tens of thousands of public service leaders who work to achieve our mission of building a better government and a stronger democracy. The more effective our public service leaders are, the closer we get to that goal.

The institute will serve as a place to uphold a common standard for effective government leadership espoused by our Public Service Leadership Model.

It will be a place where public service leaders from all backgrounds can develop together and strive to meet this high standard.

And it will be a place that amplifies the importance of public service leadership and supports public service leaders through data-based insights, commentary on best practices and more.

Those who engage in our work will strengthen their stewardship of public trust and reinforce their commitment to public good, ultimately delivering greater results to the country and improving public trust in government.

The institute’s work will benefit all of us and enable our government to more effectively serve the public for generations.

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