The redesigned and why we need more young people in the federal government
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The redesigned and why we need more young people in the federal government

May 16, 2022 | Updated on May 31, 2022

This month, we launched a new version of The website serves as the go to place to help everyday jobseekers understand the federal hiring process, so they can launch their career in government. The updated website enhances the overall user experience and focuses on two primary audience groups: young jobseekers (ages 18-30) and career services faculty in higher education. The website features three big changes:

1. You can now find all of the Partnership’s fellowships and internships on The Partnership has an array of entry-level opportunities that will give you valuable work experience to start a career in public service. Our programs, open to students and recent graduates, are a great way to test out working in government and learn more about the wide range of federal job possibilities.

2. We have more engaging video content. The website features a new call to serve video series that features both inspirational storytelling-based content and animated explainer videos to encourage young professionals to join the federal workforce.

3. You can easily find the top accessed resources right from the home page.

Why we need more young people in the federal government

Federal agencies must attract, hire and retain top talent from diverse backgrounds to ensure that the federal government is well positioned to tackle our country’s most pressing challenges now and into the future. Unfortunately, young employees are an endangered species. Statistics paint a grim portrait:

  • Just over 7% of all permanent, full-time federal employees are under the age of 30, compared to more than 19.7% of all private sector employees.
  • Of full-time employees under 30 who voluntarily quit federal service in fiscal year 2020, over 75% did so with less than two years of federal tenure. 
  • Meanwhile, about one in three federal workers are eligible to retire in the next five years.

Our government needs young talent, not only to replace those nearing the end of their careers, but also to bring new skills that will help the country rise to the significant challenges of the day and prepare for what lies ahead.

The role of the Partnership

The Partnership is uniquely suited to seize this moment, because it is the only nonprofit in the country focused exclusively on the management challenges facing our federal government, and we are more committed and prepared than ever before to bring the best and brightest into public service.

The Partnership has 20 years of experience working on federal human capital issues and directly manages internship and fellowship programs, advises federal agencies on addressing shared human capital issues, produces thought leadership and leads advocacy to change government’s approach to recruiting and hiring young talent.