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Partnership West

Partnership West aims to deepen our impact with federal agencies in California, which employs approximately 150,000 civil servants, as well as several Western states. Read more about our Partnership West programming below.

Building Federal Talent Pipelines

Partnership West research and programs help agencies engage with colleges, universities, and other sources of talent to identify and recruit vital new staff and provide candidates with pathways into federal work.  

Our reports have mapped out anticipated hiring needs in California and examined how federal agencies in the state can strengthen their talent pipelines by recruiting, hiring and retaining job seekers without a four-year degree. We also provide academic institutions and community-based organizations with relevant material to help them support job seekers and host federal hiring fairs to help agencies fill important entry-level positions.  


Thumbnail for California’s Talent Gap: Recruiting and Hiring a New Generation of Federal Employees

This issue brief provides an overview of federal entry-level talent needs in California, discusses recruiting and hiring challenges and offers strategies agencies can use to get quality talent in the door.

Thumbnail for Opening Doors, Building Ladders: How Federal Agencies Can Hire and Retain Californians Who Do Not Have a Four-year Degree

California has the highest number of federal employees outside the Washington, D.C. area, but agencies in the state still face challenges in attracting quality young talent. To address this issue, the Partnership and the James Irvine Foundation wrote a report examining how federal agencies in California can strengthen their talent pipelines by recruiting, hiring and retaining job seekers without a four-year degree.

Creating Communities of Collaboration and Innovation 

Partnership West helps federal agencies engage and collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders to solve complex challenges.  

Our work has brought together federal, state and local agencies to help Northern California improve its disaster resilience and identifying bright spots and challenges related to collaboration, documented in the report, “The Golden State of Collaboration: Fostering Intergovernmental and Cross-Sector Partnerships in California.”


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This issue brief summarizes key themes from roundtable discussions hosted between October 2019 and January 2020 by the Partnership, X Sector Labs and the San Francisco Federal Executive Board, and outlines actions that could increase the number of effective partnerships in California, especially those involving the federal government.

Developing a Rising Generation of Federal Leadership 

Partnership West draws on our existing curriculum to develop federal leaders located on the West Coast and identify specific leadership needs in regional settings.  

Partnership West helps new federal employees and aspiring federal managers in Southern California hone their leadership skills through facilitated cross-agency collaboration. Organized in concert with the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board, the Public Service Leadership Circle provides participants with the resources—from facilitated discussions to guest speakers—to become more effective leaders and make an impact at their agencies.

Partnership Blog

Thumbnail for 4 ways the federal workforce can expand its reach in local communities
June 07, 2023
This past year, the Partnership ran a program called Putting Communities First to support federal employees—28 in total working across 12 agencies and subcomponents—who work alongside communities in central California and lead various place-based programs. At a time when many federal agencies are working to implement historic federal measures, such as the  Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,…
Thumbnail for Stories of service: The impact of federal employees on the West Coast
April 10, 2023
When most Americans think of our government, they immediately think of Capitol Hill, the Cabinet, Congress and nationally recognized political figures who help enforce federal policy. However, these parts of our federal government are only a small component of a much larger organization that shapes individual American communities. At the heart of the public sector are…
Thumbnail for Making an impact through cross-sector collaboration
August 09, 2022

The Partnership hosted a West Coast virtual event highlighting lessons learned and keys to successful results regarding cross-sector collaboration. Code for America CEO Amanda Renteria and Joey Mercer, the principal investigator for NASA’s Scalable Traffic Management for Emergency Response Operations, each explained how they worked with government entities and others to benefit the public.

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