Service to America Medals

Service to America Medals

The Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals® is the preeminent awards program for career federal employees.


The awards seek to increase public awareness of government’s important work, inspire young people to consider careers in public service, and improve recognition and morale within federal agencies by lifting up examples of extraordinary leadership.

Rewatch the 2022 event and listen to a special message from President Biden.

The Service to America Medals, or Sammies, are a highly respected honor whose recipients are chosen through a rigorous selection process led by a panel of leaders in academia, business, philanthropy, government, media and entertainment.

Named for the Partnership for Public Service’s late founder, Samuel J. Heyman, who was inspired by President Kennedy’s call to serve, these awards recognize federal employees who defend the homeland, protect the environment, explore the universe, ensure public safety, make scientific and medical discoveries, respond to natural disasters and more.

Samuel J. Heyman believed that “the future of our nation quite simply depends on the quality of our government.” Recognizing honorees in several medal categories—from Emerging Leaders to the Federal Employee of the Year—the Sammies are the Partnership’s way of spotlighting the many ways our federal government is helping to keep the nation healthy, safe and prosperous.



More than 750 federal employees honored since 2001.

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Recognized employees working in more than 220 agencies, subcomponents and offices since 2001.

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Featured remarks from Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, along with dozens of notable celebrities and senior government leaders.

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Television specials aired on Bloomberg TV in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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Twitter trending topic in Washington, D.C., during 2020 and 2021 announcements.

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Media coverage about the Sammies appeared in publications that reach nearly 200 million people

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More than 200,000 viewers of our virtual Sammies program in 2020, 2021 and 2022 combined. 

“The Sammies made me feel like I was being told ‘thank you!’ in a loud way. It was very powerful to feel appreciated and it is critical to educate the public about the many amazing employees who work in public service every day. I appreciate the Partnership for Public Service for consistently doing this well.”

Carrie Stokes, 2016 honoree, U.S. Agency for International Development