Public Service Recognition Week

Public Service Recognition Week
May 2-8, 2021

36 years of honoring public servants and connecting citizens with their government


Public Service Recognition Week is celebrated the first week of May since 1985 (beginning on the first Sunday of the month) to honor the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, county, local and tribal government employees.

2020 Honorary Co-Chair Letter


2020 White House Proclamation


2020 House Resolution


2020 Senate Resolution


Join the Celebration

Our 2021 events will be held virtually, but we’re still planning to celebrate Public Service Recognition Week. You may also submit a virtual event for consideration into the calendar.

Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals Finalists Announcement

We kicked off #PSRW by announcing our 2020 Sammies finalists. To learn more about the impressive honorees, please visit the Sammies website.

Meet the 2020 honorees
Rewatch the 2020 Sammies Finalist Event

Axios and the Partnership teamed up with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and bestselling author Michael Lewis to bring you a glimpse of the work by the 2020 finalists.

Watch the event
Join the #WhyIServe Campaign

If you are a current federal employee, we encourage you to take the “Why I Serve” survey so we can share your responses during PSRW and highlight the importance of public service in our country.

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Tools and Resources

Throughout the country, mayors, governors, agency leaders, communities and public service organizations show appreciation to government employees by issuing proclamations, hosting award ceremonies, sharing stories of excellence in public service and more.

How to Celebrate PSRW

There are many simple, low-cost ways to celebrate public servants in your community during Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW). Ideas range from sending letters to public employees to organizing a celebration showcasing the work of government agencies in your local area. Our guide provides a full list of suggestions and actions you can take during the week.

Celebration Toolkit PSRW Logo 2020 PSRW Banner

Audience Guides

Our tailored guides for federal agencies, Capitol Hill, local chapters and teachers provide specific recommendations for what you can do to celebrate federal workers during #PSRW.

Federal Agencies Capitol Hill Local Chapters Teachers

Share a #PSRW photo on social media

Use one of our white board templates to write why you serve or support public serviants. Take a picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I Serve Because… I Appreciate Public Servants Because…

Activities for children

Share the #PSRW celebration with your little ones! Print out these activity sheets for your kids to enjoy during all of this time at home.

Word Search Coloring Sheet “Thank You” Coloring Sheet


“While making an impact within public service is often a marathon and not a sprint, knowing that my work makes a difference is something I value tremendously. While it may not be glamorous to ensure publicly funded programs are correctly managed and taxpayer money is handled correctly, it comes with a tremendous sense of duty I have not experienced in the private sector.”

Kyle B., GSA

“Public service is important to me because I like helping people, especially those who may be at greater risk to physical or environmental hazards. I also find it important to be a voice for that which can’t speak up for itself – namely the natural environment: plants, trees, rivers, lakes and animals of all kind.”

Bryan F., EPA

“I worked for years in the private sector, and I was never satisfied; although, I was well paid. My country is important to me, and public service allows me to join the fight to keep our country and the Constitution alive!”

Amy M., DOD

“I believe it is very important to take care of the people not only in our country, but also in the communities in which we live. I think if it were not for our public service personnel, this country wouldn’t be able to continue to function and go on as it has during this crisis and every crisis that has occurred before it.”

Sonsauray D., IRS


Public Service Recognition Week is hosted annually by the Public Employees Roundtable and its member organizations.