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Gen Z has fewer Black federal employees than other generational groups

In 2021, Generation Z had fewer Black federal employees than the average for all age groups, and those employees saw higher rates of attrition than their Gen Z counterparts of other races. Understanding federal workforce trends through the lens of generational groups can be helpful both for recruitment and to evaluate where and why important talent is leaving so that leaders can create solutions to prevent the turnover.

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Workplace experience of federal employees living with disabilities

Recently, we hosted a LinkedIn Live panel discussion, “Disability Inclusion and Accommodation in the Federal Government.” This blog post further explores this topic and provides tips for agency leaders to improve the workplace experience of people with disabilities using insights from the 2021 Best Places to Work rankings.

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Recognizing heritage more than a month at a time

The purpose of heritage months is to recognize and amplify the contributions that different cultures and social identities have made to enrich and strengthen our country, yet, too often, these celebratory acts are performative or disingenuous. We share three principles to more authentically recognize those being celebrated as you prepare for upcoming heritage months.

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