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Why do federal employees choose public service?

This Public Service Service Recognition Week, we asked federal employees to share why they chose public service.  Some found motivation in their family histories, others had formative educational experiences and others still made later career transitions.

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Impressions from 15 years in public service

James-Christian Blockwood, the Partnership’s executive vice president, previously served 15 years in four federal agencies. He shares his thoughts on government service and its unique power and position to positively impact communities and people.

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Tell your representative to protect our merit-based civil service

The president recently signed an executive order that undermines competitive civil service requirements and could replace tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of career civil servants with officials who essentially act as political appointees. Send a letter through the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association to tell Congress to protect our merit-based civil service by opposing this order in their next funding bill.

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