A new video series that explains how our federal government works
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A new video series that explains how our federal government works

May 17, 2023 | Updated on August 9, 2023

Understanding how our federal government works can be challenging, and many people are unaware of what it does to impact their daily lives.

Fortunately, the Partnership’s new video series can help folks better understand our largest democratic institution and the more than 2 million full-time civilian employees who work there.

The first season of “Our government explained (in three minutes or less)” will consist of four videos covering such topics as who are federal employees and what kind of jobs they perform, how federal agencies keep our country safe and secure, how the presidential transition process works and more.

Dispelling myths about the federal workforce

The first video in the series, titled “Who is the career workforce?,” discusses where in the country federal employees work, the diversity of the federal workforce and the wide range of jobs civil servants do.

It also addresses some common misconceptions about federal workers. For example, did you know most federal employees don’t work in and around Washington D.C.?, In fact, nearly 80% of federal jobs are located outside our nation’s capital and in communities all across the country and around the world. 

The federal workforce also consists of more than the elected officials and political appointees who hold office and lead agencies. In truth, the bulk of the workforce is composed of 2 million nonelected, career civil servants who specialize in a wide range of fields and design, launch and implement critical public services.

Our 2023 Service to America Medals® finalists are but a few examples of the dedicated public servants who work in government. One team played a major role in securing the release of 11 American prisoners wrongfully detained in Russia and Venezuela, including Brittney Griner. Others helped deliver critical military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, held airlines accountable for refunding travelers for canceled or significantly delayed flights, increased access to federal student aid and loan forgiveness, and more.   

Putting our mission to work

The Partnership is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to building a better government and a stronger democracy. A core part of this mission focuses on bridging the gap between our government and the people it serves, increasing public trust in the institution by both helping it work better and recognizing what it does to protect our health, safety and well-being.

Our new explainer series is one of the ways the Partnership is working to do just that. To keep up with the latest videos in the series, make sure to subscribe to the Partnership’s YouTube channel.

To learn more about the behind-the-scenes work of public servants, sign up for our latest newsletter, Five Stories of Public Service. Every other Wednesday, we share five stories that highlight the ways in which civil servants working across the country are keeping us safe, healthy and prosperous.

Watch the next video in the series, “The Government Serving All of US,” here.

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