Six ways to show your appreciation for federal employees during Public Service Recognition Week
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Six ways to show your appreciation for federal employees during Public Service Recognition Week

May 7, 2020 | Updated on March 12, 2022
Maristela Romero

During this Public Service Recognition Week, we want to help you show appreciation for federal employees, and their dedication to serving the public. Although the COVID-19 pandemic limits our ability to show that gratitude in person, there are a variety of ways you can thank them—from wherever you’re living to stay safe.

  1. Send virtual thank you cards. GovLoop and Federal News Network offer free e-cards that you can send to federal employees and contractors during PSRW. Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to send these messages to their favorite federal employees to share their appreciation.
  2. Encourage children to share their support. Your little ones can make homemade thank you cards or fill in the Partnership’s thank you coloring page to recognize the work of public servants. Share a snapshot of their work on social media using #PSRW.
  3. Register for the 2021 Public Service 5K. The Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund holds an annual Public Service Charity 5K/1M Walk/Run in honor of PSRW. This year’s event was postponed to May 2, 2021, and you can register now. All proceeds from the event support the Federal Employee Education and Assistance fund’s disaster relief, emergency hardship loan and scholarship programs. While you’re waiting for next year’s event, hold your own run or walk this week in support of public service. If you leave your home, be sure to follow the health and safety precautions recommended by the CDC.
  4. Plant a tree in honor of a public servant. The Forest Service partners with several organizations to help you plant a tree in recognition of a loved one.
  5. Share your support for #PSRW on social media. Take advantage of the Partnership’s white board “I serve because…” and “I appreciate public servants because…” templates. Post these photos on social media using #PSRW and tag the Partnership. Follow the Partnership on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see these posts, and other highlights, throughout the week.
  6. Make a donation in support of public servants. The Partnership is stepping up to support federal leaders and their agencies as they respond to the urgent needs of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. We could not do this, or any of our work, without the generosity of our donors, so consider making a gift to the Partnership.

Appreciation for federal employees does not have to end after PSRW. We encourage you to continue to show your support, especially as federal employees and other public servants work throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Maristela Romero is a former intern on the Partnership’s communications team.