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COVID-19 and the serious threat to vulnerable federal employees

Veterans Health Administration employees are at high risk for COVID-19 not only because of their frequent contact with veterans suspected or confirmed to be infected with the virus, but also because of their age. With more than 14% of VHA medical officers older than 65, federal leaders must figure out how to protect the health and safety of those working to stop the spread.

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Four tips to help you complete a self-assessment

Whether you are a leader, or aspiring to be one, ensure you are doing the best work for your team by taking the time to assess your strengths and weaknesses and reflect on your capabilities. Federal employees face new challenges as a result of COVID-19, making this a good time to do a self-assessment.

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Communicating in a public health crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has led federal leaders to reexamine how they communicate. Samantha Donaldson, Partnership vice president of communications, highlights four tips to help federal leaders communicate effectively to both internal and external audiences.

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