2023 Impact Report

Letter From the
President and Chair

Max Stier
President and CEO

Tom Bernstein
Chairman of the Board

The upcoming presidential election will be a critical proof point for our democracy and for our public institutions.

Political polarization is growing, trust in our institutions is low and attacks on the nonpartisan civil service—a hallmark of our democracy that ensures career federal employees put public needs above those of any individual president or party—are on the rise. This will also be the first election since the fraught transfer of power between Donald Trump and Joe Biden—one that will take place amid new doubts about whether the transition to a new president or a second Biden term will be peaceful. The institutions responsible for enforcing our laws, protecting our rights, and promoting our safety and security need our support to stay resilient amid these threats.

For more than 20 years, the Partnership for Public Service has provided this support to our federal government to ensure it evolves and improves to meet current challenges no matter the political environment.

We do so not by tearing government down but by building it up. Since 2001, we have worked with, and not against, federal employees, leaders and agencies to offer them constructive solutions that address evolving challenges in a fast-paced world. At a time when public servants are threatened, we work to equip them with the knowledge, skills and support networks they need to deliver results while stewarding the public’s trust. We strive to defend our government from harmful proposals that would reduce its capacity to respond to public needs, while also promoting practical ways to make the federal workforce more effective and accountable.

In 2023, our efforts continued to help our government work more effectively and lay the groundwork for a better future.

Our Center for Presidential Transition® kicked off its activities to ensure the next president is fully prepared to govern. Through our Public Service Leadership Institute®, more than 7,000 federal employees participated in training, including senior executives who implement landmark domestic legislation and those preparing to guide agency strategies around the effective use of artificial intelligence.  

Our federal internship programs and Call to Serve network, which consists of more than 1,400 higher education professionals who promote federal careers, created new pathways into public service, and our Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings offered agencies a comprehensive roadmap to improve their employees’ workplace experience, which drives better service to the public.

We also shined a national spotlight on the achievements of career civil servants through our Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals®, offered agencies research, training and a monthly forum to build their capacity to engage the public, and cultivated a community of cross-sector leaders and organizations dedicated to breaking the cycle of negativity and misinformation about government.

In this Impact Report, we highlight the results of our activities in 2023 and outline our plans for the coming year along four main strategic areas:

  • Public Service Leadership
  • Federal Talent
  • The Public’s Commitment to Effective Government
  • The Partnership’s Organizational Capacity

We are energized by the opportunities to expand our programming and make a bigger impact at this critical time. The health of our democracy depends on the ability of federal employees, leaders and agencies to deliver for the public regardless of the outcomes of partisan battles and election results. At the Partnership, we will continue to help our government meet its full potential by being constructive and not destructive, providing agencies and their more than 2 million civil servants with the tools, strategies and insights they need to succeed both now and in the future.

Our accomplishments and continued impact would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and partners, whom we thank for their generosity and commitment.

Together, we can build a better government and a stronger democracy. Join us.

Our 2023 Impact

In 2023, the Partnership helped build a better government that more effectively served the public. Watch the video below to learn more about our impact.

Public Service Leadership

We equip appointed and career federal leaders to act as stewards of the public trust who contribute to the public good.

Pictured: Select graduates from our Excellence in Government Fellows Program, the premier leadership development course for top-line career civil servants.

The Center for Presidential Transition®

“Any serious political campaign should work with the Partnership and the Center for Presidential Transition. They are the guides you need, and they have no agenda other than making the federal government work better.”

Josh Bolten, chief of staff for President George W. Bush; Center advisory board member

“The Center for Presidential Transition is a national treasure. It is the only outfit in America focused 24/7 on transitions, and it makes transitions work.”

Ted Kaufman, co-chair of the 2020 Biden-Harris transition team; former U.S. senator; Center advisory board member

Presidential transitions—whether from one administration to another or from a first to a second term—are moments of great vulnerability for our nation, requiring the changeover of political leadership in an organization with a $6 trillion budget composed of more than 2 million full-time civilian employees. Ensuring the continuity of government during this period requires extensive planning.

Launched in 2016 and building on work that began eight years earlier, the Center for Presidential Transition® is the premier nonpartisan source of information and expertise for organizing and executing the smooth transfer of power or start of a second term.

The Center kicked off its activities last fall amid a complex election cycle, including deep political divisions, concerns about the future of our democracy and declining trust in government. The difficult 2020 transition, punctuated by the Jan. 6 attack at the Capitol, has also weakened public faith in the handoff of presidential power, a hallmark of American democracy.

As in past years, the Center is leveraging its role as the leading nonpartisan organization working on transitions to strengthen this crucial undertaking. This spring, the Center marked its fifth election cycle by offering tailored support to the major candidates to convene senior campaign and transition stakeholders, agency leaders and other experts to plan for the transfer of power or start of a second term.

Other critical current activities include:

  • Releasing new resources for presidential candidates, their teams and incumbent administrations to ensure that our next president is prepared to govern
  • Helping career agency officials prepare critical information for incoming senior leaders
  • Preparing political appointees to succeed
  • Informing and championing transition reforms
  • Shining a national spotlight on important transition issues

A major focus of the Center’s efforts this year will also be on second-term planning. Consumed with the day-to-day demands of office and campaigning, presidents tend to view a second term as a continuation of the first and have rarely invested the requisite time and energy needed to lay the groundwork for a successful fifth year.

However, the start of a second term often comes with high leadership turnover and other challenges, making it difficult for presidents to achieve early policy wins and improve government performance.

Recognizing second-term planning as an underappreciated opportunity for administrations to attain these goals, the Center will release a new guide that offers a blueprint for reelected presidents to develop and execute a second-term agenda, fill critical talent gaps in the political and career workforce, and improve the implementation of key public services and programs.

To learn more and view all our guides visit presidentialtransition.org.

Read our story Learn about our history Hear from former transition leaders

Margaret Brennan (left), chief foreign affairs correspondent and moderator of CBS’ “Face the Nation,” interviews Chuck Hagel, former senator of Nebraska and secretary of defense, during the Center’s kickoff event for the 2024 election cycle.

“The Center is a great repository of nonpartisan data and information on what a transition must do, what previous transitions did and what the laws say.”

Cecilia Muñoz, director of domestic and economic policy for the 2020 Biden-Harris Transition Team

“It was a tremendous service that the Center did because we were able to speak in a thoughtful and collaborative way with people who had done [a transition] before. It would inspire Americans to see opposing campaigns and administrations working together.”

Mike Leavitt, chairman of the Romney transition team; former governor of Utah; Center advisory board member

Panel discussion on national security and presidential transitions. From left to right: Center Director Valerie Smith Boyd; former Navy Secretary and Partnership board member Sean O’Keefe; former Under Secretary for Management at the Department of Homeland Security Claire Grady; former Army Secretary Louis Caldera; former Adm. and Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen.   
Center for Presidential Transition

“Trust and Transitions”

According to the Center’s 2023 survey, more than 40% of Americans do not believe a peaceful transition will take place if a different presidential candidate wins the 2024 election.

Read more

“Transition Lab”

In 2024, the Center launched season two of its podcast, which explores the relationship between transitions and our democracy while analyzing the 2024 transition cycle.


Fixing the Senate-Confirmation Process

The Partnership sheds light on—and is a leading advocate for reforming—our broken Senate-confirmation process.

We continue to produce a steady stream of research on this topic, including analysis showing the Senate today devotes more votes on nominations than ever before, leaving less time to debate and pass legislation. This research is expanding our outreach on Capitol Hill and to other outside stakeholders while helping us grow a community of those passionate about reducing roadblocks for well-qualified individuals who want to serve their country. 

In addition, our Political Appointee Tracker, launched with The Washington Post, is the only real-time source for political appointments data and holds the Biden administration and Senate accountable for nominating and confirming key political appointees.

Read our Washington Post op-ed Read our report Explore our historical appointments data

The Public Service Leadership Institute®

The Public Service Leadership Institute® is the preeminent source of public service leadership programs, policies and perspectives. It develops government leaders, promotes a single standard of federal leadership through the Public Service Leadership Model, and amplifies the importance of public service leadership by publishing research, issuing commentary and convening leaders across sectors.

Learn more

Our 2023 Impact


Federal employees reached


Agreed their training made them a better leader

Supporting Senior Leaders

In 2023, the Institute worked with more than 1,200 senior leaders, who are members of the Senior Executive Service and political appointees, and hosted 11 retreats with Cabinet-level secretaries or assistant secretaries and their teams from the departments of Transportation, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services.

We also facilitated retreats for IRS leaders as they worked to implement once-in-a-generation funding from the Inflation Reduction Act meant to transform the agency’s customer and tax enforcement services.

Participants in the NIH Executive Leadership Program.
Supporting Senior Leaders

“The IRS is Becoming a Model of Efficiency. Really.”

In a Bloomberg op-ed, Partnership President and CEO Max Stier examines IRS efforts to transform its operations and public image.

Read the op-ed
IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel (left) speaks with Kelly Shih (right), senior manager at the Partnership’s Public Service Leadership Institute, during the Senior Executive Leadership Summit, the premier annual conference on public service leadership.

Becoming a Leader in AI

Our work with senior executives includes training on the effective and ethical use of artificial intelligence in government.

In 2019, we created the AI Federal Leadership Program to help federal leaders responsibly apply artificial intelligence to achieve their agencies’ mission. Since 2019, this program has reached more than 550 senior federal leaders across 50 agencies in more than 30 states.

“The course helped me understand, at an executive level, how AI works and the key principles to consider when using it in my program areas.”

Eric Stein, deputy assistant secretary for the Office of Global Information Services; former AI Federal Leadership Program participant

Building Critical Connections

To support our strategic goal of developing public service leaders, the Partnership regularly convenes more than a dozen roundtables and communities for federal executives—including deputy secretaries, general counsels, public affairs officers, chief diversity officers, customer experience leads, assistant secretaries for administration and management, innovation and human resources leaders, and others—to collaborate with their peers, share ideas and solve problems.

In 2024, we also launched the Responsible AI Roundtable Series, which convenes leaders from across government to share best practices around the effective and responsible use of AI to deliver better federal services.

Learn more

Our Networks by the Numbers


Federal leaders convened


Agencies represented

More than 75%

Participants implemented what they learned

For the Future

We will provide presidential candidates, their teams and the incumbent administration with resources to develop transition and second-term plans that ensure the smooth and effective transfer of power, and advocate for ways to improve and strengthen the presidential transition process.
We will grow our work with senior agency leaders through executive retreats, training and coaching.
We will expand our leadership roundtable and training programs focused on AI.

Federal Talent

We create pathways into government, help job seekers navigate the federal hiring process and improve the federal employee experience.

Pictured: Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo (center) with Partnership Vice President of Federal Workforce Programs Michelle Amante (right) and 2023 Future Leaders in Public Service interns.

Creating pathways into government

With support from Schmidt Futures, we piloted and built the Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program, which placed more than 400 paid interns at the General Services Administration, the Small Business Administration and the departments of Commerce, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development in 2022 and 2023.

The program continues in 2024 thanks to collaborations with several agencies as well as university, foundation and individual partners.

“Prior to the Future Leaders Program, I might have jumped into the private sector upon graduation, but because of my experience, I am starting my career in the federal government.”

Ranita Opoku-Sarfo, HR specialist, Office of the Secretary, Department of Transportation

Read her story

“My participation in the Future Leaders Program put me on a trajectory to a career in public service.”

Gil Huerta, cybersecurity analyst and IT specialist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

“I participated in the Future Leaders Program at the Department of Commerce to work at the nexus of business operations and public policy, and my experiences fostered within me an unwavering commitment to public service.”

Aamer Uddin, international trade specialist, Department of Commerce

Creating Pathways into Government

Federal Internship Finder

Our new Federal Internship Finder compiles publicly accessible information about professional and academic opportunities in government for students and recent graduates.

The finder is the latest addition to GoGovernment.org, a one-stop shop for job seekers to learn about the federal application process, find career opportunities, and explore the Partnership’s internship and fellowship programs.

View the finder

“The federal workforce is aging. It’s time for a new generation.”

In The Washington Post, Partnership President and CEO Max Stier and Dr. Anthony Fauci offered four recommendations to bring more young people into government.

Read the op-ed
Dr. Anthony Fauci (left) speaks with Partnership President and CEO Max Stier (right) at D.C. Student Night, a Partnership event showcasing federal career opportunities for young professionals.

Navigating the federal hiring process

Our Call to Serve network includes more than 1,400 college and university professionals who promote federal opportunities to students.

In 2023, our Public Service Roadshow delivered on-campus training to students, faculty and advisors on how to navigate the federal hiring process, targeting communities that lack access to federal opportunities, rural areas and minority-serving institutions.

We also launched the Federal Advisor Certificate Program, which helps university career services staff become experts in the federal hiring process and better understand the wide range of government career opportunities. More than 250 professionals enrolled in the program in 2023.

Learn more
Students at Valencia College attend a Public Service Roadshow seminar with Yeni Simon Mengana (center), senior manager on the Partnership’s Federal Workforce team.

Roadshow Reach: 2022 and 2023




Career advisors


2023 student attendees who were likely to pursue federal opportunities after attending a roadshow workshop.

“Prior to becoming a certified federal advisor, I felt overwhelmed by the whole federal hiring process. Now, I gained expertise with the systems and agencies to advise students and help them explore the exciting and rich opportunities offered by the federal government.”

Helene Bumbalo, associate director of graduate professional development, Virginia Commonwealth University

Improving the Employee Experience

In partnership with Boston Consulting Group, we released our 2023 Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® rankings, the most comprehensive insight into employee engagement and satisfaction in the federal workplace. 

For nearly two decades, the rankings have been an invaluable tool for agencies to improve their organizational health, which drives better service to the public. The 2023 rankings include 532 federal agencies and agency subcomponents, the most in the history of Best Places to Work.  

The Washington Post also published a special preview of the rankings that features the top 10 federal workplaces in four categories: large, midsize and small agencies, and agency subcomponents. The preview included companion pieces in the Post’s business section on how to find federal jobs and internships, the presidential transition process and more, bringing the rankings—and the critical issue of employee engagement and satisfaction in government—to a national audience.   

On May 20, 2024, we released the full rankings during our annual awards breakfast, which featured remarks by numerous government executives. Visit bestplacestowork.org to learn more.  

Leaders from top agencies in the 2023 Best Places to Work rankings. From left to right: Gene Dodaro, comptroller general of the United States and head of the Government Accountability Office; Pam Melroy, deputy administrator of NASA; John Hanley, chief of the Office of Negotiations and Restructuring at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation; Sharon Avery, acting chairwoman of the National Indian Gaming Commission. Photo credit: Joshua Roberts. 
Alejandro Mayorkas, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, talks about DHS being the most improved large agency in the 2023 Best Places to Work rankings. Photo credit: Joshua Roberts. 
Rob Shriver, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, delivers remarks during the 2023 Best Places to Work breakfast. Photo credit: Joshua Roberts.
Leaders from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which was the most improved small agency in the 2023 Best Places to Work rankings.
Improving the employee experience

Custom agency engagements

Our two-year engagement with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration helped the agency more than double its Best Places to Work score between 2020 and 2023.

Read more

Fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility

Michael McAfee, president and CEO of PolicyLink, at the Partnership’s first Federal Racial Equity Summit, which convened cross-sector leaders to discuss how organizations can advance racial equity in the U.S.

In 2023, the Partnership delivered more than 80 DEIA training sessions to federal agencies, including the departments of State, Labor, and Health and Human Services.

For the Future

We will forge innovative paths to enter federal service by expanding our Future Leaders in Public Service Internship Program, drawing on cross-sector funding and partnering with new agencies to place students who specialize in a wide array of career tracks in government.
We will launch new efforts to strengthen talent retention and recruitment at the IRS and the Forest Service while developing new custom agency programs focused on employee engagement and diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.
We will advocate for critical system reforms to reduce the barriers to recruiting and retaining young talent.

The Public’s Commitment
to Effective Government

We improve the public perception of our government by promoting the achievements of federal employees, building their capacity to deliver critical services and engaging others to rebuild trust in our federal institutions.

Pictured: 2023 Service to America Medals® winners.

Promoting the achievements of public servants

On Oct. 17, we hosted the 22nd annual Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals® at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Co-anchor of CNN News Central Kate Bolduan emceed the program, which featured numerous celebrity videos and welcomed nearly 400 guests, including agency leaders, members of Congress and the media, and others from the public, private and social sectors.

This year’s winners were chosen from more than 300 nominations and 27 individual and team finalists representing 23 federal agencies across 15 states. The gala was broadcast in December on the local PBS affiliate in Washington, D.C., and promoted on CBS News and ABC’s “The View.” Cox Media has also made the 2023 Sammies available on its Yurview platform, a channel available to Cox subscribers in more than two dozen markets worldwide, and streaming service.

Since 2001, the Service to America Medals have honored more than 760 public servants.

Our 2023 Spirit of Service Award went to Judy Woodruff, senior correspondent and former anchor and managing editor of the “PBS Newshour” (right). The award recognizes an individual working outside government who contributes significantly to the public good. Sally Buzbee (left), executive editor of The Washington Post, interviewed Woodruff.

Photos from the Sammies: Select presenters and honorees

Sammies emcee Kate Bolduan, co-anchor of CNN News Central.
Federal Employee of the Year Laura Cooper (left) with Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks (right).
2023 Sammies winners Paul Nissenbaum, Gloria Shepherd, Maria Lefevre and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Implementation Team.
White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients.
Our 2023 People’s Choice Award went to a Department of Health and Human Services team that launched a program to fund a wide array of opioid use treatment, prevention and recovery initiatives. Roughly 75,000 votes were cast during this year’s award cycle. From left to right: Megan Meacham, Sarah O’Donnell and Allison Hutchings of HHS’ Rural Strategic Initiatives Division.

“The Sammies mitigate the negative image that many people have about public servants, and awaken folks to the breadth and depth of the work of federal employees.”

Carolyn Hightower, 2023 Sammies finalist; deputy director, Office on Trafficking in Persons, Administration for Children and Families

Read our impact story

Promoting the achievements of public servants

“Our Government Explained (in 3 Minutes or Less)”

Our new video series explores how the federal government works, its impact on our daily lives and why it is so vital to our democracy. Topics include how government shutdowns hurt the public, the federal workforce, the presidential transition process, and why we pay taxes and where the money goes.

Watch the video series

The Partnership was mentioned in the media more than 3,000 times in 2023, with coverage featured in outlets with the potential to reach more than 1.5 billion people.

Implementing major federal investments

Our Major Federal Investments Community convenes government leaders who administer large-scale funding provided by the American Rescue Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the CHIPS and Science Act.

Participants gain the strategies, knowledge and connections to effectively implement critical programs in energy resilience, public health, technological innovation, infrastructure and more for communities across the country.

Cultivating champions of rebuilding trust

In partnership with our media partner, Axios, we hosted our first annual Trust Summit to examine how agencies are working to improve public perceptions of government and to discuss opportunities for leaders from philanthropy, entertainment, the media, and the public and private sectors to rebuild trust in our federal institutions. More than 240 attendees joined the event, which featured keynote remarks from IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel.

In June 2024, our second annual Trust Summit explored the importance of a nonpartisan, merit-based civil service to our democracy. Featured guests included Rep. Derek Kilmer from Washington state, bestselling author Michael Lewis, columnists from The Washington Post and several noted business leaders.

Panelists speak during our first annual Trust Summit. From left to right: Eugene Scott, senior politics reporter, Axios; Candice McFarlane, chief creative officer, Cinereach; Peter Lattman, managing director, media, Emerson Collective; David Bornstein, co-founder and chief executive officer, Solutions Journalism Network; David Shipley, editorial page editor, The Washington Post. 
Cultivating champions of rebuilding trust

“The State of Public Trust in Government 2024”

According to our latest national survey, the public overwhelmingly supports a merit-based, nonpartisan civil service despite declining views of the federal government.

Read the report

Perceptions of Public Servants

Our Trust in Government dashboard highlights how the public views federal agencies, services and employees.

Explore the dashboard

For the Future

We will develop messages, policy solutions and narratives that combat proposals to politicize the nonpartisan, merit-based civil service and create a trust model to guide the development of new training curricula that will support federal leaders in building trust with those they serve.
We will focus on better understanding and implementing strategies to address low trust among young people and underserved communities.
Many agencies are working hard to deliver a better experience for people who use government services—which our research shows can help rebuild people’s trust in government. We will lay the groundwork to develop and eventually launch a customer service index that measures the customer experience at different federal agencies, and work with USAFacts to create and implement a data grading recognition and awards program to motivate agencies to increase the availability and accessibility of performance data.

The Partnership’s Organizational Capacity

We are growing our talent and organizational capacity to fulfill our nonpartisan mission of building a better government and a stronger democracy.

Pictured: Partnership staff in 2023.

Our culture statement

  • We are a purpose-driven, people-centric and fast-paced organization that performs at a high level and carefully stewards our resources.

  • We value diverse perspectives, backgrounds and capabilities, treat each other with respect at all times, are collaborative and results-oriented, and are passionate about building a better government and a stronger democracy.

  • We are a community that has fun, celebrates our successes, is curious, innovates and learns from our mistakes, and consistently seeks to improve as a means of increasing our impact.

  • We take collective responsibility for creating, shaping and fostering the environment we want for our community.

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

To pursue meaningful change for both the federal government and the millions of public servants who comprise it, we strive to uphold the nonpartisan values of fairness and equity—values rooted in our representative democracy—and engage in social discourse about how we can achieve equity in both our society and in our federal institutions.

Learn more about our support for DEI

Solving our government’s management, operational, performance and talent challenges requires the involvement of people within and outside the federal government and across many sectors.

We invite you to join with us in building a better government and a stronger democracy.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of the following corporations, foundations and individuals who sustain our work to build a better government and a stronger democracy.


Ford Foundation

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The support of these individuals and companies that provided the Partnership with pro bono or volunteer services has helped make the Partnership’s work possible. We gratefully acknowledge their generous support.

Ferne Barrow

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Jeri Buchholz

Dr. Allan V. Burman

Robert Burton

L. Reynolds Cahoon

Scott J. Cameron

Roger Campbell

Michael Carleton

Daniel J. Chenok

Michell Clark

Patricia Cogswell

Miriam Cohen

Casey Coleman

Rebecca Contreras

Steve Cooper

Douglas Criscitello

Chris Cummiskey

Linda Y. Cureton

Michael Cushing

Jane Datta

Joan DeBoer

Mark Doboga

Norman Dong

Troy Edgar

Kay Ely

Karen S. Evans

Michael Fischetti

Ronald C. Flom

Michèle Flournoy

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Mark Forman

Mike French

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Stephen D. Galvan

Greg Giddens

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David Grant

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As of June 13, 2024

Tom A. Bernstein
Chairman, Partnership for Public Service
President and Co-Founder, Chelsea Piers Management, Inc.

Karan Bhatia
Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Policy, Google

Douglas R. Conant
Founder and CEO, ConantLeadership
Former CEO and President, Campbell Soup Company

Nora Gardner
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

W. Scott Gould
CEO, Mountain Lake Associates, LLC

David J. Kappos
Partner, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP

General (Ret.) Lester L. Lyles
Former Chairman of the Board, USAA
Former Vice Chief of Staff, United States Air Force
Chairman of the User Advisory Group, United States National Space Council

Sharon Marcil
Managing Director and Senior Partner, North America Chair, Boston Consulting Group

Tom Nides
Vice Chairman, Strategy and Client Relations, Blackstone

Indra K. Nooyi
Former Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

Sean O’Keefe
University Professor and Howard G. and S. Louise Phanstiel Chair in Strategic Management and Leadership, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University

Steven C. Preston
President and CEO, Goodwill Industries International, Inc. 

Rajiv Shah
President, The Rockefeller Foundation

Max Stier
President and CEO, Partnership for Public Service

Dan Tangherlini
Managing Director, Emerson Collective

Jim VandeHei
Co-founder and CEO, Axios

George W. Wellde, Jr.
Former Vice Chairman, Securities Division, Goldman Sachs & Company

Neal S. Wolin
CEO, Brunswick Group