Producers and creators of Netflix’s “The G Word” discuss the show
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Producers and creators of Netflix’s “The G Word” discuss the show

June 23, 2022

The Partnership for Public Service held a special event on June 22 to celebrate The G Word — a Netflix docuseries that demonstrates how integral our government is to the most important aspects of our daily lives.

The event featured a panel discussion with Adam Conover, the show’s creator and host; Jamie Rhome, a storm surge specialist at the National Hurricane Center and a 2019 Service to America Medals winner; and Ada Chiaghana, a senior vice president at Higher Ground Productions, the company that produced the show.

Following opening remarks from Partnership president and CEO Max Stier, the panel discussed details of the show, including surprising things Conover learned about government, Rhome’s suggestions for how federal agencies can do a better job telling positive stories, and Chiaghana’s views on the production of and goals for the show.

See below for pictures from the event and be sure to check out the six-episode The G Word series on Netflix.

Partnership President and CEO Max Stier provided opening remarks.
The panel members, from left to right: Elizabeth Williamson (moderator), Jamie Rhome, Adam Conover, Ada Chiaghana.
Audience members listened to the panelists.
Partnership staff posed with Adam Conover after the panel concluded.

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