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An inside look at the presidential appointment process

When the presidential campaign ends, the winning candidate will immediately face the challenge of filling top-level political appointments. In three episodes of “Transition Lab,” host David Marchick has covered the appointment process, exploring the many factors that influence how presidents fill key positions.

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How past presidents overcame challenging transitions

No matter which candidate wins the election, the 2020-2021 presidential transition will come during a challenging time. On three recent episodes of Transition Lab, we looked at other difficult transitions, including those of Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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The lasting impacts of a presidential transition

Catch up on highlights from the February episodes of our podcast series “Transition Lab,” featuring conversations with Michèle Flournoy, former undersecretary of Defense; Chris Lu, who led President Obama’s transition team; and Stuart Eizenstat and David Rubenstein, senior officials in the Carter campaign in 1976.

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