Unlock your leadership potential with DiSC assessments
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Unlock your leadership potential with DiSC assessments

November 7, 2023

Good leaders at all levels are fundamental to our government’s ability to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. In a world of complex problems, they must connect with their teams to drive change and ensure agencies meet the needs of those they serve.  

To develop these leaders and create a thriving workplace, some agencies turn to scientifically valid and reliable tools like DiSC assessments, which measure employees’ behavioral styles at work and help individuals develop two competencies in our Public Service Leadership Model—becoming self-aware and engaging others—that are key to effective government.

Understanding DiSC 

DiSC assessments include four behavioral styles: 

D (Dominance): those with a tendency toward directness, self-confidence and forcefulness. 

i (influence): those with a tendency toward sociability, talkativeness and enthusiasm.  

S (Steadiness): those with a tendency toward patience, listening and calmness.  

C (Conscientiousness): those with a tendency toward reserve, precision and analysis.  

While an individual’s DiSC style depicts what tendencies come most naturally to them, we are each a blend of all the above styles and characteristics. This mix enables productivity and innovation, and understanding the styles each individual brings to the table allows leaders to harness everyone’s strengths for a happier and more efficient team.   

Benefits for leaders based on the Public Service Leadership Model 

DiSC assessments are particularly beneficial in the development of two competencies of the Public Service Leadership Model: becoming self-aware and engaging others. 

Public Service Leadership Model
Public Service Leadership Model
  • Becoming self-aware: DiSC assessment gives leaders insight into their natural behavioral tendencies and preferences, enabling them to reflect on their motivators and stressors, to maintain integrity in decision making and to develop good interpersonal relationships at work.  
  • Engaging others: DiSC assessments help individuals understand their colleagues’ unique perspectives and approaches to work. Leaders can tailor communication and feedback based on their knowledge of their colleagues to establish and develop trust. They can then use what they learn to create a working environment where each individual feels valued, which fosters collaboration.  

DiSC assessments are compelling tools that will help you reach your leadership potential by fostering self-awareness and enabling you to better engage others. When leaders better understand themselves and their teammates, their interactions are more effective and enjoyable, making a lasting impact on both performance and office culture. 

The Partnership’s Public Service Leadership Institute team practitioners who facilitate DiSC-focused teambuilding workshops for agencies that seek to help their leaders at all levels excel. If you are interested in learning more about our customized, off-the-shelf training opportunities, please visit our agency engagements page.

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