Agency Engagements

Agency Engagements

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Agency Engagements

Our customized and off-the-shelf training opportunities help agency offices and teams achieve their distinct missions, address unique challenges and strengthen leadership and other interpersonal skills. Our subject matter experts can design a program tailored to short- and long-term strategic goals through a range of facilitated training, experiential learning, individual and group coaching, and mentoring in a timeframe that works best for different agencies. 

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Leadership Seminars

Choose any of our one- or two-day seminars to help your employees develop the essential competencies of the Public Service Leadership model. The Partnership can tailor these standard training sessions to meet your agency’s needs. Most seminars are available for virtual delivery. The maximum number of participants depends on type of delivery (virtual or in person) and seminar topic.

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Executive Retreats

Customized retreats offer executive teams an opportunity to focus, reset and collaborate, whether they have been intact for years or are new to working together. Our best-in-class executive coaches and facilitators work with agency leaders to create a session agenda that addresses their unique needs and will result in actionable outcomes and meaningful change. Retreats typically focus on topics such as establishing team dynamics, setting a strategic vision and fostering innovation. We include options for following up with leaders after retreats to ensure they are not just events, but part of a process to achieve greater impact. 

360 Assessments and Executive Coaching

Our experienced coaches work with individuals, teams and groups to help them reach their leadership goals, identify unique strengths and tackle organizational challenges. Our approach includes the administration of the Public Service Leadership 360 assessment, goal-setting, and a series of confidential, one-on-one sessions to identify actions the leader can test on the job to achieve set objectives. In addition to individual support, we also offer our 360 assessment for groups and teams that want to identify collective strengths and collaboratively improve their leadership competencies. 

Executive Development

Despite the critical role they play in government, members of the Senior Executive Service, or SES, lack training and development opportunities to become more effective leaders. We help SES members succeed by working with their agencies to design customized executive development programs, including group coaching sessions with experienced executive coaches, action learning projects, mentoring opportunities, conversations with former senior executives or C-suite members, and 360 assessments.

Virtual Leadership Toolkits

Each of our toolkits includes five 90-minute sessions designed to enhance your management fundamentals, leadership skills and strengths.

  • Effective Feedback and Accountability (available January 2023).
  • Management Fundamentals
    Learn the skills to build an effective team, discover your leadership style, manage performance, delegate effectively, and manage your and your team’s time.
  • Leading People
    Discover how values-based leadership, building trust and having difficult conversations are key factors in high-performing teams. You will also discover how active and curious listening, and creating a healthy office culture, are critical components of a positive work environment.

Webinar Series

90-minute webinars available as a series (minimum purchase of three required). Webinars are live, not pre-recorded.

Webinar topics: 

  • Active and Curious Listening.
  • Adapting Your Leadership Approach.
  • Building Coalitions.
  • Building Trust.
  • Creating a Healthy Office Culture.
  • Delegating Effectively.
  • Developing an Innovative Mindset.
  • Effective Feedback and Accountability.
  • Effective Hybrid Collaboration.
  • Having Difficult Conversations.
  • Mastering Your Next Presentation.
  • Mentoring Best Practices.
  • Mindfulness.
  • Navigating Uncertainty.
  • Time Management.
  • Values-Based Leadership.

Team Building

The Partnership works with agencies to enhance team dynamics, increase office transparency and build employee camaraderie. We work with teams to diagnose their key challenges, then determine an agenda that includes a combination of activities including table discussions, brainstorming sessions, innovative team-building exercises, interpersonal skills training, personality assessments and more. Retreats may be delivered virtually, in person at the Partnership or in person at an agency.