Excellence in Government Fellows Program


The Partnership for Public Service operates high-quality leadership development programs that strengthen the capacity of federal employees, from emerging leaders to senior executives. Our programs combine public-sector best practices with leading private-sector principles to help build essential management skills.

“This program should be required for all agency leaders.”

– Former EIG Fellow
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October 2018–August 2019, 24 total days




GS-13 to GS-15 federal employees

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For more information contact Chris Wingo at cwingo@ourpublicservice.org or (202) 464‑2690.

Government performance depends on great leadership.

To create a government that can address today’s most critical issues, we need innovative leaders who can reimagine operations, function with fewer resources, find new ways to tackle the complexity of our 21st century challenges and collaborate with other leaders across government.

The Excellence in Government Fellows program is the premier leadership development offering tailored to the needs of high-performing senior-level federal employees. Our graduates deliver results—helping government effectively defend the homeland, ensure public safety, protect the environment, respond to natural and man-made disasters, improve public health and serve those in need.

During this year-long program, participants are challenged through a combination of innovative classroom sessions and hands-on, skill-building projects. EIG will take your leadership to the next level and build the essential leadership capabilities you need to drive results in your agency.

Through EIG, we have transformed more than 2,500 leaders from more than 50 agencies. We help federal employees improve their agencies’ effectiveness and deliver on their missions while developing the skills to reach their career objectives. Graduates unanimously recommend the program to their peers in government, and 99% of former participants reported applying lessons learned on the job.

The program is broken down into five primary components:


During program courses, leaders learn from leaders. World-class public-, private- and nonprofit-sector leaders teach EIG fellows how to apply leading management principles—including government’s Executive Core Qualifications—to their jobs.


By observing the most successful organizations from different sectors, EIG fellows learn novel management techniques that they can apply to their roles in government. The program allows participants to go behind the scenes at the most innovative companies to see their strategies for delivering results. Previous benchmarks have included Google, Microsoft, NASA, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks and Teach for America.

Results Projects

We’re not satisfied with just passing on knowledge—we ensure EIG participants are able to apply what they learn. Fellows reinforce lessons taught in the classroom by working with agency executives to tackle complex issues confronting our country. Past fellows have developed strategies to streamline drug approvals, strengthen collaboration during food recalls and improve recruiting for mission-critical occupations.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is a critical element of leadership development. That’s why we provide opportunities for fellows to receive targeted, individualized support from experts and experienced government leaders. EIG participants can also seek advice from the Partnership’s extensive network of public-, private- and nonprofit-sector leaders.


The EIG program facilitates collaboration and cohesiveness across government by helping participants network and build relationships that are critical to enterprisewide solutions. Fellows also continue their development and learning after graduating from EIG by joining a community of leaders, participating in online forums and engaging with ongoing professional development opportunities.

100% of supervisors think EIG has made their employee a better leader

We have developed more than 2,500 federal leaders from more than 50 agencies


EIG is a premier leadership development program for high-performing federal leaders—and the caliber of our participants contributes to the exceptional quality of the program. We have high standards for our EIG fellows and evaluate their applications on numerous criteria to ensure they will be able to engage fully in the program.

Applicants for EIG must meet the minimum qualifications for program eligibility. Without the experience level of a GS-13, 14 or 15, you will be unable to participate in classroom discussions and contribute effectively to group projects.

Completed applications must include your personal information, professional experience and objectives, up-to-date resume and letter of reference from your supervisor. Carefully consider your short-answer responses to ensure your government career objectives align with our high expectations of EIG fellows.

You do not need to complete the application in one session; you may save your application and return to it later.

If you have further questions, please see the FAQ section.


Learn about how the Excellence in Government Fellows program gave ODNI's Benedict Dichoso the specific tools he needed to excel as a government leader.

Session Details

During the year-long program, fellows remain in their full-time jobs, meet every six weeks and spend a total of 24 days in session. Fellows also devote up to five hours per week to their results projects. While exceptions are made for family and work-related emergencies, fellows are expected to attend all seven classes, so applicants should review the class schedule and confirm their availability before applying for the program.

*Note: The Kick-off session will be held in Williamsburg, VA. All other sessions will be held in Washington, DC at the Partnership for Public Service.

Kickoff*: Values, Vision and Mission

October 16-19, 2018
Williamsburg, VA

Driving Results

December 3-5, 2018
December 10-12, 2018

Washington, DC

Leading People

February 4-7, 2019
February 11-14, 2019

Washington, DC

Leading Change

March 11-14, 2019
March 18-21, 2019

Washington, DC

Building Partnerships

April 15-17, 2019
April 24-26, 2019

Washington, DC

Business Acumen

June 4-6, 2019
June 11-13, 2019

Washington, DC

Synthesis and Celebration

August 6-8, 2019
Washington, DC

“It truly has impacted how I approach my job. Every day, there is some kind of conflict in my work, and the lessons I learned from the program around leading change and leading people, handling difficult situations and resolving challenges, that’s something I apply every day. It really has made me think about different approaches to problems and has helped me immensely.”

—Former EIG Fellow


Our Excellence in Government Fellows program coaching team is dedicated to helping participants reach their individual and collective leadership goals.Our coaches possess a common set of core qualifications but bring a truly diverse set of backgrounds, global perspectives and training styles to the EIG program. Many are former federal leaders, representing a wide variety of agencies, and all have extensive experience in public sector executive leadership coaching, organizational development, training and facilitation.


Members from the Partnership staff will work with you throughout the Excellence in Government Fellows program to ensure that your cohort experience goes smoothly.

Chiara Banez

Dan Durak

Victoria Eick
Associate Manager

Janira Garcia
Associate Manager

Katie Janoski
Conference Services Coordinator

Jacqueline Kasal

Adriana Morquecho
Associate Manager

Lexi Quinn
Associate Manager

Monica Scigliano

Kelly Shih
Associate Manager

Anna Taleysnik-Mehta

Derrick Taylor


Q: Who is eligible to apply?

A: EIG is for GS-14 to GS-15 (or equivalent) leaders seeking to solve national challenges by driving innovation, inspiring employees and delivering results. Exceptional GS-13s are also encouraged to apply.

You must:

  • Have a record of strong accomplishment and demonstrate high-potential in OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications
  • Have the ability and interest to commit and contribute fully to the program
  • Be capable of traveling to Washington, DC and other locations for sessions
  • Have the support of your department or agency

Q: What application materials must I provide to be eligible?

A: You are required to submit one letter of reference from your immediate supervisor and a copy of your resume. Your resume should include all professional work experience, including nongovernmental experience.

Q: How will I know if I’m accepted?

A: You will receive an email from a Partnership representative notifying you of your acceptance status within one week after the application deadline. If we have an agreement with your agency to accept you as part of an internal selection process, you will receive word from your agency first, but your acceptance is not confirmed until you have received a notification from us. We do not have a maximum number of participants—we are able to accommodate a large and diverse group for each cohort.

Q: Can I reapply if I am not accepted into the program?

A: Yes, you are able to reapply as long as you meet the program’s minimum qualifications. However, please check with your agency prior to reapplying—we do limit the number of accepted participants from a single agency in order to maintain a sufficient diversity of agency perspectives.

Q: Is there an application fee?

A: No.

Q: How much is tuition?

A: Tuition is $11,400, which includes all course materials (e.g., books, articles and management tools), online collaboration tools for team projects, and access to the Partnership’s resources, expertise and networks.

Q: When is the tuition deadline, and what are the options for tuition payment?

A: Pay should be arranged prior to the first session (the specific date will be provided in the first program communication to accepted applicants). Your agency is responsible for paying tuition. We do not accept payment from individual applicants.

We accept the following forms of payment: credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express), purchase order or Standard Form 182 (SF-182). The Tuition Form will provide instructions to request a purchase order that can be paid by your agency through Automated Clearing House transfer or check.

We will work directly with the agency POC (e.g., training coordinator, human resources specialist, etc.) responsible for paying your tuition, but we will need you to provide us with the name, email and phone number of the POC. Any tuition status update requests should go through your agency POC.

Q: What should I do if I have to miss parts of a session or an entire session? Do you offer make-up sessions?

A: Graduation from Partnership programs is contingent upon full attendance and participation in sessions. In the event of a conflict, please notify a Partnership staff members as soon as possible, even before the first session is held. Should you miss any part of a session, we will arrange for you to attend the same session held during the following year’s program. We only offer make-up sessions within the same program year for the first session.

Q: Where will the sessions take place?

A: All classroom sessions will take place at the Partnership (see address below) other than the kickoff session, which will take place in Williamsburg, VA. There will be off-site visits throughout the program to federal agencies as well as nongovernmental organizations in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area. Participants will be notified of these visits in advance.

The Partnership for Public Service
1100 New York Avenue NW, Suite 200 East
Washington, DC 20005

Q: Will I take any personality assessments as part of the program?

A: Yes, we administer and facilitate debriefs on various assessments, including emotional intelligence 360s, the Strength Deployment Inventory, DiSC and the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. The assessments will vary depending on your program.