Modern Government Leaders

Modern Government Leaders


Fill out the nomination form by Dec. 22, 2023.



Washington, D.C.
In-person at the Partnership for Public Service offices, located at 600 14th St. NW Washington, DC 20005.

10 hours | 8 months

Feb – Aug 2024


C-suite Senior Executive Service members

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Modern Government Leaders

The Partnership for Public Service, in collaboration with Microsoft, is excited to introduce our Modern Government Leaders program.

This initiative will regularly convene senior executives and rising leaders, those who conduct transformative work, to connect with their peers and recognize their impact on our federal government. The program highlights the combination of leadership best practices and modern ways of working that empower government to deliver equitable and impactful services.

We are seeking transformative leaders who wish to develop a network of innovators to trade modernization methods, publish stories about—and be recognized for— their successful modernization efforts, and prepare a rising leader from their organization to become an executive innovator.

What to Expect in Modern Government Leaders

  • CONVENE​: You will network with a cohort of like-minded, peer innovators to share strategies and overcome current challenges.​
  • CREATE​: Work with the Partnership and your fellow executives to write, publish and publicize stories of impactful modernization.​
  • CELEBRATE​: Have your innovative methods and mindset highlighted to inspire improvements in federal service delivery.​

Who is a Modern Government Leader?​

A Modern Government Leader drives success at their organization through customer-centered service delivery powered by current technology. They consistently improve government services by focusing processes on outcomes and transforming collected data into action. To maximize the impact of these best practices, a Modern Government Leader empowers their teams to adopt them across their organizations.

Modern Government Leaders:

Champion customer needs and experiences.​

Collect and use data to make informed decisions.​

Tackle deliverables by weeks, not years.

Make processes and information available to the public.​

Adopt modern technology to reduce administrative burdens.​

These leaders exemplify strong federal leadership through the four key competencies of the Partnership’s Public Service Leadership Modelself-awareness, engaging others, leading change and achieving results​.

Meet the cohort

To Apply

We want to hear about how you—or the person you are nominating—lead teams to deliver equitable services and respond to public needs using modern ways of working. Please fill out the nomination form by Dec. 22, 2023. Responses to nominations will be returned in early 2024. ​

To be eligible, an applicant or nominee must:​

  • Be an employee of the federal government from any branch or agency. ​ ​ 
  • Be a member of the Senior Executive Service, or of equivalent scale. ​ ​ 
  • Be able to attend in-person convenings in Washington, D.C.  ​ ​ 
  • Hold a role with strategic decision-making authority that defines their team’s goals and processes. ​ ​ 
  • Be able and excited to publicly report on their work. ​ ​

Funder Statement

We are grateful for the generous support of Microsoft, which makes the Modern Government Leaders program possible. As a supporter of this initiative and other aspects of the Partnership’s work, we will welcome their appropriate participation in convenings to discuss topics of innovation and technology. On an ongoing basis, we may also share unattributed, non-agency-specific, generalized themes and lessons learned that emerge from our conversations. ​ ​


Q: When is the deadline to submit a nomination or application?​

The application/nomination period will close on Dec. 22, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EDT.​

Q: When will I receive a response to my application?​

Candidates will receive a response in the latter half of January 2024.​

Q: Which government employees are eligible to be Modern Government Leaders?​

C-suite members of the Senior Executive Service or those roles which are of equivalent scale.​

Q: Can I nominate myself?​


Q: What is a Modern Government Leader?​

A Modern Government Leader combines modern ways of working with the Partnership’s Public Service Leadership Model to meet customer needs and improve agency operations. Modern Government Leaders have successfully implemented these changes and seen the results.​

Q: What are Rising Leader invitations and who receives them?

Rising Leaders invitations are intended for employees at the GS-12 level and above who demonstrate executive leadership potential and an aptitude for modernization and innovation. However, every executive can determine who to include in the program.​

Q: What does the application process involve?​

In addition to your contact information and a few personal and professional details, applications include four short answer questions, the optional submission of a curriculum vitae, or resume, and/or a set of Executive Core Qualifications statements and an example of your innovative work. ​

Q: Where will the convenings take place?​

All convenings will be held in person at the Partnership for Public Service offices at 600 14th St. NW Washington, DC 20005.​

Q: What is the time commitment?​

Eight hours of in-person time, plus any time you choose to spend developing the story of your modernization successes between gatherings. The in-person time will be split between four two-hour breakfast convenings, held bimonthly. There may be additional opportunities to meet with your fellow Modern Government Leaders at Microsoft’s Arlington, Virginia offices.​

Q: Is there any sort of training or assessment?​

No. Modern Government Leaders is intended for peer-to-peer learning, cross-agency networking, and facilitated discussions on key components of successful government modernization. You will have the opportunity to synthesize those experiences into a publication that highlights how you are moving our federal government forward.​

Q: Who should I reach out to if I have additional questions?​

Please contact program manager Cole von Glahn ( for additional assistance.​