Alliance for Congress



Alliance for Congress

Lawmakers in the House and Senate have come together over the years to address national crises despite stark political and policy differences, including completion of the COVID-19 pandemic relief legislation in 2020 and 2021. Too often, however, these types of legislative successes have become the exception rather than the norm.

The public expects that government will address issues of national importance. When Congress fails to act in the public interest, trust is eroded, and today that trust stands at near historic lows. For the better part of the last two decades, partisanship in Congress has intensified, constructive oversight of the executive branch has declined, basic budgetary and appropriations deadlines have slipped, and gridlock has often been the order of the day. Given the challenges we face as a nation, this must change – and that is where the Alliance for Congress comes in.

By improving how the institution operates, elevating new and diverse voices and working closely with allies and constituents across the nation, we can create an effective, forward-looking Congress that invests in its own capacity to govern and truly serves our diverse nation.


The Partnership for Public Service’s Alliance for Congress brings together people and organizations that believe in good government and want to strengthen essential democratic institutions. For two decades, the Partnership  has worked across administrations and with federal agencies to reform and improve the ways they serve the public and manage operations. The Alliance will build on this work, fostering connections between the branches and focusing on strengthening the capacity of Congress to listen, lead and legislate.

The Alliance will focus on three key areas:

Resources: We equip members of Congress and staff with tools, data and constructive recommendations so the institution can become more responsive to the needs of constituents.

Connections: We amplify and support the efforts of allies working to strengthen Congress and serve as a collaborative partner in the broader effort to empower Congress to deliver results for the public.

Recognition: We advocate for the institution and tell the stories of the people who solve problems and promote a future-focused vision of Congress that better serves our diverse and changing nation. 


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