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How the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention overcame COVID-19 data challenges

When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, the federal government struggled to collect accurate, comprehensive and timely disease data. To overcome this obstacle, a unit within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—the Situational Awareness team—worked around the clock to create more effective data collection processes that the CDC leadership and agency partners needed to make informed decisions.

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From strategic plans to strategic results: Key tips for federal agencies

In a recent workshop series, federal leaders discussed best practices that agencies could use as they prepare to submit their strategic plans for fiscal years 2022-2026. To implement strategic plans that deliver results, agencies must proactively communicate their plans to staff, integrate the plan into key processes, and regularly track progress on achieving the plan’s goals.

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New insights on building a bold agency strategic plan

On Sept. 8, the Partnership and Grant Thornton hosted a virtual event to announce the publication of “Meeting the Moment: Tips for Building Bold Strategic Plans and Turning Them into Results.” During the event, members of the project team outlined the practical steps agency strategic planners can take to create useful plans that drive results.

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